This year, Chris Gorman and Keri Caporale decided to get married. Fortunately for us, they decided
to do it in Moab, UT with all of us there! Here are the pictures from the wedding.

Here are the wedding planners getting the stage set for the big affair.

Heidi Smith took the liberty of getting her marriage license so that she could marry her two friends.

Ross Segelken and Erin Gentry, two of the witnesses.

Chris Otz and the beautiful bride, Keri.

The ceremony begins.

The infamous Jordan Disko serenaded the event, bringing harmony to all present.

After possibly one of the nicest ceremonies I've ever witnessed, the party took pictures
with Skyline Arch behind them.

Chris and Keri Gorman.

The bridal party, Erin Gentry, Keri Gorman, and Heidi Smith.

Erin and Keri.

Keri and Heidi.

The bridal party.

Um, guys, do you know where the gay line is? Your arms are WAY above it!

The groomsmen, Ross Segelken, Chris Gorman, and Chris Otzenberger.

The boys and the bride.

A little more tasteful.

A little less tasteful. Nice job Ross!

Chris and Keri.

Chris and Keri.

Chris Otz and Erin Gentry.

This is a little more representative of the temperature of the event. My temperature gauge put the
ceremony at about 4 deg C (a little under 40 F), so it was definitely a chilly evening.

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