More pictures from Moab and from Canyonlands National Park, UT.

After Mark led Knapping With the Alien , I had to try it. It was quite tough,
rating a 5.11 b - d, depending on your height. Super cool moves though.

After getting the opportunity to climb with Jordan for the morning, Mark and Garrett and I
headed off to Canyonlands National Park to do some hiking. Of course, the back country
campsites were full, so we just did a couple of day hikes. On this day, we entered along
Big Spring Canyon, passed along Squaw Canyon, and exited via Lost Canyon Trail.

Mark, faced with some great friction to walk up.

The view into the canyon we just hiked through - the Big Spring Canyon.

Garrett gazing into the Squaw Canyon.

Garrett, being god-like.

I call this the photo-off. I'm not sure who won though.

Unlike my friend Steve Ranta, Garrett and Mark were unable to destroy the landscape.

The intrepid explorers, prior to entering Squaw Canyon.

Yes, I know I'm just a point and shoot guy. Yes, I know there's a lot to be said for nice photography.
But when two photogs and fighting for light for the same shot, I laugh out loud.

Lone tree in dry sandy wash.

If you watch really closely, you can see the cryptobiotic soil slowly transforming the sand into soil.
Yeah, that's even slower than watching paint dry.

Who knew cactus bloomed?

I liked these signs a lot. They looked older than the dirt around them.

I maintain that Mark looks like The Edge, or at least a little. If you can find a good Edge picture that resembles
this, you're my hero. Maybe it's all just in my head.

Garrett starting day 2. I just really like the backdrop here. It's cool.

Mark and Garrett entering the trail to Druid Arch.

Mark at the Druid Arch.

A very cool spot after a nice 5 mile hike in.

The sandstone canyon we hiked inside to get to the Druid Arch.

As we were making our way towards Chesler Park, we found these little cairns. Normally, they mark
the trail, but here, someone began putting smaller cairns all over this flat rock, and everyone else
followed suit.

Garrett making his way back out of another canyon. The trail that we followed went in and out of probably
15 canyons, mostly on really nice slick rock.

Tough looking sign post.

I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this meadow surrounded by needles. This is Chessler Park.
Try saying it like that guy in Jurassic Park: "Welcome to Chesslah Pahk!" VIDEO

View from the top of our lunch spot in Chessler Park VIDEO

The Joint Trail seriously winds its way through these tiny canyon walls. It was VERY cool for sure.

Inside one of the cavernous passages of the Joint Trail, we found many more cairns. I took this shot, not knowing
that a very similar shape would be chosen later in the week for the Vancouver Olympics here:

Garrett and Mark making their way out of the Joint Trail. We then followed the Chesler Park Loop
Trail, and wound our way back to the Elephant Hill Access Road, completing a single day hike of almost 15 miles.

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