Brad Jacobs, Jeff Stanley (Stainless), Dave's wife Steph, and I drove
up to Montreal to enjoy Spring Break in March of 2003.

This is Matthew and Heidi Harms. They are two of the nicest and most sincere
people I've ever met. You know how sometimes you meet people
and you think, "Wow, I'm a better person because I know them."
That's how I feel about the Harmses. They took me to the
legendary Schwartz's diner in Montreal for lunch.

After lunch, Matt and Heidi and I took a walk through the Saint-Laurent
part of Montreal. This was a great house across from a park.

In Vieux Montreal, I found the remnants of an old hospital built by
the founder of the Grey Nuns, Marguerite d'Youville. My Grandma Banda
and I went to the Sister's House of the same order for dinner when we were
to Montreal in the summer of 2001.

This is Bradley Jacobs walking down a street in Montreal.
I caught him in the act of saying something.

Jeff Stanley is in the act of stabbing Steph with an icicle. Those
Americans never seem to get enough violence in their days.

Steph is in a souvenir store in old Montreal. I told her
to act Canadian and she gave me a thumbs up. I'm not sure
what to make of that.

This was a really cool haunted house right near our hotel in Chinatown.
I am trying to pose the same as the strange house elf on the window sill above me.
I named him Dobby.

This is a great picture of Ranger Jeff. I think I told him that there
was a beautiful girl at the other end of the bar. I guess that's what
3 years of Army training does to your ability to interact with women.
Kind of sounds like engineering school...

We met up with the Drew University kids in Montreal. This is Jim Scott and
Vanessa Thomas exchanging pleasantries.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal. The style reminded me vaguely of Notre Dame in Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal. Deuxieme dimanche de Paques 2003.

Well the moratorium on humping inanimate objects couldn't persist forever.
This 50 foot Coke guy is in a small town in the Eastern townships in Quebec.

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