More pictures of Ireland in June 2003.

The beach is an integral part of Irish culture, since you really can't be anywhere in the
country and be much more than about 200km from a beach. This is in Tramore, about 15 km from

I'm not kidding you. This sign is for real. Make sure to have a read of the sign underneath it
as well. "Use of transistors" indeed.

View of the sunny South East Irish coastline.

David Hanrahan, famous for the 'wildebeest' method of meeting young women in Irish pubs, gazes out
toward Waterford harbour. You can faintly see two towers off in the distance. Because the Irish
coastline is so rugged around here, people built signposts for sailors. On the cape that is
further away from the Waterford harbour than this point there are three towers, and the last point before the harbour has only one.

Here you can see the town of Tramore with me giving the area the official Paul Perrault
stamp of approval.

The towers on this point are visible here, with what looks to be a gay Elvis pointing the
way towards Waterford harbour.

Gay Elvis. I'm sure it's historically significant somehow.

View along the South East Irish coastline.

Dave looking out to sea. He's got the "yearning-look-out-to-sea" all figured out.

Yours truly in another unique tourist pose. My hat's had some good miles on it in the past
year or so.

Not sure what else to say about this picture. Days like this make me just happy to be alive.

The Caher Castle in south central Ireland.

The oldest pub in Waterford, T & H Doolan's.

The streets of Waterford are great for pub crawling, which is exactly
what we did.

David Hanrahan on the left and Jeritt Kent on the right enjoying a few
beverages at The Stand, Waterford.

Steve Ranta, of Analog Devices fame, posing with a young "hen". Guys in
Ireland have stag parties prior to being married, whereas women have "hen"

Steve decided that he wanted to learn more about Irish culture, so
we kind of crashed the "hen" party.

I'm sure that I'm making some kind of really intelligent deep philosophical
point here. Perhaps something along the lines of the American influence on
the creation of the province of Alberta...

Ching Lee (another Analog engineer) and David Hanrahan's brother James posing at
Muldoon's pub, Waterford, Ireland.

I think I need to train my camera to stop capturing people with dumb looks on their faces.
Here, Mr Hanrahan makes intelligent repartee regarding the history of the Irish people.

Sign found at the ferry entrance across the Siur river to Wexford. I love the tennis racket
drawn onto the sign.

Thatched roof in the town of Eastern Passage.

The south east coast gets the Paul Perrault stamp of approval yet again.

The fine is greater for a dog "fouling" than for me parking illegally.

Stone walls of the cathedral at the Rock of Cashel, Ireland.

Picture taken for my friend Earl Sheldon Kowalczyk (see initials at bottom of engraving).
Inside the Rock of Cashel.

Me lying in a 800 year old sarcophagus. It kind of smelled like a retirement home...

In Irish, people use the term "kit" to describe the clothing you're wearing. Here, David
said to me, "Hey, I'm going to take off Grandma's kit!"

The Rock of Cashel as the sun sets behind it. The picture turned out a little dark, but
I just wanted to impress how nice this structure is.

Sculpture in the foreground is of dancing children, with the fields of Tipperary county visible
in the background.

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