Since we've had such an usually mild winter (mild meaning no rain), and since my friend
Tony Holmes is such a great guy, I got an invite to join him to try to summit Mt Hood
via the South Side Approach on Friday 25 Feb, 2005.

This is actually nothing to do with Mount Hood, but I liked this picture and needed to put it somewhere.
This is the infamous Avie Meadows hugging the Portland Winterhawks mascot at the Rose Garden.

This also has nothing to do with Mount Hood. This is a shot of Juan Rodriguez at Broughton's Bluff
getting the rope ready to rock out.

Yeah, okay, I promise, this is the last non-Mt Hood picture in the bunch. This is me thrilled since I
had just gotten the redpoint on Lost Boys, a pretty tough 5.10d at Broughton's.

Now on to Mount Hood, really.

Tony Holmes in the Timberline parking lot, getting ready to rock. We all met up at Tony's place in
Zig Zag at about 11 pm, and got to the lot around 12:30am.

Tony and I getting prepared.

The always-adventurous Laurie Hotovy decided on a whim to join us as well. This is she getting her kit on.

This is Laurie about a third of the way up the ski slope side of the mountain. The route actually goes right up the
ski resort of Timberline until it gets to the top of the Palmer lift.

Two of Tony's friends also joined us in our trip. This is Tyler, from Bend Sagebush fame.

This is the picture of Laurie that I promised I wouldn't post. Don't worry Laurie, it's not really here
in an existential sense.

Here is Laurie, Tyler, and the last member of our team, Jason, who I informed prior to this picture,
"YOU'RE A TIGER!", so he's simply following orders.

This is a picture for my friend Dave Pryor in Toronto. Dave, thanks for the boots dude! I told
you I'd actually use them!

Here are Laurie, Tyler, and Jason showing off their crampons.

Jason and Tyler getting near the top of the Palmer lift.

It was about this point (or earlier) that I turned around. A combination of not enough sleep,
1 guy on the bench in my 10:30pm hockey game the night before, and no rehydrating while in the lab
all day Friday, meant that I actually bonked for only the second time in my life. I passed my camera
to Laurie to continue the photo journal.

Tony and Tyler. It looks like Tony is peeing here.

Tony and Tyler at the summit of Mt Hood.

A great shot out towards the ridgeline.

Even though I wasn't with them, Laurie, Tony, and Tyler took a "Paul" shot at the summit for me.
Thanks guys! I'll get my picture up there soon enough.

A pretty cool picture of a Mazamas group heading up Hood.

Miss Laurie Hotovy - 2, Mount Hood - 0. This was Laurie's second successful climb of Hood.

The crew that ventured up Hood on that fateful day in February.

Afterwards, we retired to Tony and his wife's place in Zig Zag, which is a beautiful log cabin
that they are looking after for a family friend.

The house also has a hot tub outside, which we made liberal use of in the afternoon, after Tony
treated us to an excellent home-cooked breakfast.

Some of Tony's pictures

The sun cresting over the summit.

Laurie at the summit.

Tyler at the summit.

Great shot of Tony.

Better shot of Tony.

Tony and Tyler.

Fun in Corvallis

From Zig Zag, Laurie and I made a trek (via the Oregon Candy Farm - best chocolates ever!) to Corvallis
to visit Jason and Avie. Of course, Jason and Avie were playing in the park, so we had to join them.

This is a great vid of the kids playing on the teeter-totter. I think the girls won. VIDEO

Avie, having her way with the motorcycle. You get 'em Avie!

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