So, I finally bought property, picking up a cool little townhouse in Beaverton, OR in December.
This is my virtual walk-through for people who haven't seen my pad yet.

This is my townhouse. That's Gloria in the driveway.

View from my front door. The moose welcome sign is from my friends Jason and Avie (since I'm from Canada of course).

This is my kitchen. Note the surround sound speaker mounted below the counter top. The door on the right is
my front door. My hangboard is visible below the entryway.

View into my living room. This shows off a little the "salmon" colour of the walls in here. Let me know if
you think I need to paint in here.

This is the other side of my living room, with entertainment system and matching bookcases. The funny part about
the bookcases is that I bought one when I was living in Ottawa. Then, when I moved to Boston, I decided that I
needed another bookcase, went to Target (pronounced "Tar - Jay" since it's so high class) and found the exact
same one.

Above the fireplace is a really nice loft (ask me about the light fixture up there...).

I started to put a few pictures up on the walls. This is the staircase up to my second floor.

In between the two bedrooms is a loft area, which I use for an office. Thanks to Erik Olson for the
World Cup of Hockey poster on the wall.

My master bedroom. Yes, I normally have sheets on my bed. I just had the blinds installed in both rooms.
No comments about the drapes please. They were there when I moved in okay.

My spare bedroom. If you know of anyone looking to rent a room in Beaverton, let me know.

View from the window in the spare. Note the great-looking broomball shoes.

I also took some videos of me walking through the house, so you can have a better feel of it

Walk into the front door: VIDEO

Living room and kitchen: VIDEO

Outdoor patio and living room: VIDEO

Stairs and loft: VIDEO

Master bedroom: VIDEO

Loft area: VIDEO

Spare bedroom: VIDEO

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