Earlier in the week, Jason Stowers called me and invited me to try Mt Hood again. He had already
done it before but Avie had not. This was to be my vindication for getting beaten last weekend.

The very classy Miss Avie Meadows. Avie started the climb off in a bit of bad mood, but as all outdoor
activities tend to do, she was humming and singing fairly shortly.

This is a bit of a furry picture, but it shows me right before I was to try Hood again.

Here are Jason and Avie. Note the difference in the mood. As a side note, we started the climb at around 2 am.
This is to get the snow in its hardest form, to make the climbing easier.

Avie and I. This is right around the top of the Palmer snowfield. The skis I borrowed from my buddy Brett,
but I'll probably wind up buying them.

Jason running around trying to keep warm.

The value of a well-timed goo is severely underappreciated.

I picked up a few things prior to this climb. One was the custom soft shell from Beyond Fleece that
I'm wearing here. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made, and I bought it with Christmas
money from my Grandma Perrault (Thanks Grandma for keeping me warm!).
If you're interested in a custom fleece made here in Oregon, check
it out at Beyond Fleece website . The other thing
I picked up was the balaclava. That is also money.

The sun rising around Steel Cliffs.

Jason and Avie at the bottom of the Hog's Back. Jason almost stayed here due to a bit of a cold
he's fighting, but he wound up keeping up the fight and kept going. That's Mt Jefferson visible
above Jason's left shoulder, and you can make out the Sisters and Mt Washington as well. You can
also see the sun just beginning to make its presence known on the snow below us.

The snow-covered cliff bands near the summit of Mt Hood.

Avie, climbing the Hog's Back, getting close to the Pearly Gates, a steep pitch of water and snow ice.

Jason, nearing the summit.

Two tools are always better than one.

Paul, Jason, and Avie - 1. Mt Hood - 1. Well, after 6 hours of tough hiking and some climbing, we made it
to the summit. We were rewarded with a spectacular view with unlimited range at 8 in the morning.

The requisite summit shot. I just got this jacket as well, this time from MEC, and this time from my parents
for Christmas. I like the thought that my family wants me to be warm!

The view north from Hood. You can see Adams, Rainier, and St Helen's from here.

Gazing wistfully in the distance... "Hmm, I don't think I'll do this again for at least a few more weeks." As a
conclusion on this story, I had hiked up Brett's AT skis up to around 9000 feet so that I could ski out.
Memo to self - leave an easily identifiable mark on the surface when you stash skis. Needless to say,
the snow above Palmer was icy and hard, I couldn't keep my skis together from the beating I had dealt
my quads earlier in the morning, but I still dropped 3,000 feet in about 8 minutes. It sure beats walking!

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