Here are some pictures of me with some other people

This is (L-R) Earl, Erik, Benny, and me out for Erik's 22nd birthday in Feb, 2001

Same place. Same time. Same pack of goons.

The almighty Erik Olson. This is his favorite club (Champ's) and yes, that's a purple balloon tied to his ass.

Erik again. This time in the trusty Yota (That's Toyota kids!)

This is me, with some lovely ladies (L-R): Mandy Joy, Lindsey H (down below), and Keryn Klashysky

Father Erik Olson. He should be giving himself Last Rites if someone finds him in here...

The groomsmen (minus Rick), at Benny's Stag in Wakaw Lake, SK.

The sun rising on Wakaw Lake, the morning after the stag.

Chris Brillon and Chad Sivertson: Two of the most social guys I know.

My Grandmother (and godmother), taken underneath the CN tower, Toronto, Canada

Erik Olson and I drinking at my old apartment on 108th st.

Krissy Lambert and I, enjoying beverages in Saskatoon, SK in September 2000

This is me, about two days after I got marked in Jasper in the basement of a guy who called himself MegaBot.

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