Thanks to a fortuitous auction (and a $1300 Visa bill), I was
the beneficiary of 4 tickets for the 1st ever Heritage Hockey Classic in Edmonton, AB.

My sister Renee, being the lovely sister she is, took care of me while I was in Edmonton. This
is her rez room at le Faculte Saint Jean of the University of Alberta.

A better picture of Renee.

A more accurate depiction of what Renee spends her time doing in Rez.

Renee's friend Bud enjoying a few bevvies in Rez. Bud is a BC Bud.

Renee, Paul, and Bud in Rez. Looks like a fine time to be had by all.

My good pal Sean Lockhart made the journey from Lloydminster to catch up
with me in Edmonton. I mean, there couldn't have been any other reason he'd
drive all the way to Edmonton other than to have a beer with me...

Renee hanging out with one of her Rez friends.

The Heritage Hockey Classic in Edmonton, AB. Air temperature when we got there: -18 deg C.
By the end of the 3rd period of the second game, the air temp was closer to -25 deg C.

Good silhouette picture of me showing the ice rink that was built inside Commonwealth Stadium for
the event. The idea was to create a "pond hockey" feel to the event.

From left to right, Kelly Reitenbach, myself, Jason Roy, and Ian Schafer. This is where our seats
were for the game. Believe it or not, Jason Roy actually had a positive thing to say this weekend.
He called these seats "pretty awesome".

Jason "Lips" Roy. The game wouldn't have been the same without him. He's finally become
tolerable in his old age.

Kelly "high school drunk" Reitenbach. The next few pictures will explain how much fun Kelly
had, but in his own words: "I really don't know how I'm going to explain to my future wife on
our wedding day that that day is only the second best day of my life."

Pretty standard tourist pose.

A view from the other side of Commonwealth. Our seats are right behind the big inflatable
white thing in the middle of the picture.

Before the alumni game, there was a small parade with the recently crowned Grey Cup
champions, the Edmonton Eskimos.

Initially, I couldn't remember why I took this picture of a random drunk guy in the stands.
Then I looked at the rye-in-the-backpack with the Camelbak and it all became clear.

Kelly and I with Ron MacLean. That's right, that's Ron behind us talking to the camera crews.
After about 5 minutes of us yelling, "RRRRROOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!", he finally looked at us and
waved our way.

This shows Ron a little better.

This sign really explains the attitude of the day.

As it got later in the day, the air got a little foggier and so did our heads.

Now, most of this turns into a chronicle of Kelly's night, because he was almost as entertaining
as the game he didn't see.

Here, Kelly visits with one of the 40-something ladies around our seats.

Here, he visits with another of the 40-something ladies. Note the bottle of Sambuca in her hand.
Actually, I think Kel got an email from this one the week after the trip.

This picture was taken shortly after the exploding Coke bottle incident. Needless to say
there was a mess everywhere, even in the lady's hair in front of us. Kelly: "Hey lady, I left a mess in
your hair!"

About this time, the dancing in the seats started. I think this was a bit of a waltz.

At the end of the game, people were getting a little loopy. This fan next to us began the stripping dance.
We left shortly after his shirt came off. Keep in mind that the air temperature was well below -25.
You can not argue that Edmonton Oiler fans are the best fans in the world.

After the game, we joined my sister and some of her friends for a few bevvies on Whyte Ave. This is
Bohdanna, one of my sister's friends.

Here's Renee and Bohdanna's sister Natalya. I think they were trying to two-step.

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