My good friends Des and Jon Bowes picked up tickets for us to go see
Stuart MacLean's Christmas show in Vancouver. Naturally, I took the opportunity to
run up to Hongcouver for a little trip.

Jon Bowes and Kelly Reitenback at the Foggy Dew in Burnaby, BC.

Nice picture of Jon and Des. Apparently Jon had his work Christmas party that night so they
were a little more dressed up than normal. Actually, the rest of us are just slobs.

A more true-to-form picture of Jon and Des. I'm not sure what they were singing, but I'm sure they
were doing a bang-up job of it.

As anyone who has seen some of my travel albums will tell you, I'm a bit of an amateur mullet-hunter.
So, when we spotted this guy, I had to send Kelly in as a decoy. You can't really see the mullet that
well. He's the one in the Roots shirt taking a swig from his trashy domestic bottle of beer.

The last shot didn't turn out, so I sent my decoy in deeper. I couldn't believe our luck!
The mullet not only gave us a full frontal shot, he actually gave us the thumbs up!

Kelly flew in from Calgary to visit with this beautiful young lady named Sarah in Vancouver.

Well, as much as I wanted to ski Whistler, Jon, Des, Kelly, Sarah, and I skied at Cypress Bowl (just
north of Vancouver) and found some pretty awesome snow.

Cypress is nestled in the Coast mountains of BC.
The real kicker is that it's only about a 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver!
Credit to Jon for the photo.

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