So, because I'm a little off, and because I quite enjoy climbing,
Paul Dehaan and I decided to go meet Jason Stowers and his brother Adam at Smith Rocks
for a little late season climbing in mid-December

Here, Paul poses on a bridge overlooking the Crooked River.

This is a little better picture that shows what the conditions were like. The Ogden
state park (where this was taken) is about 3 miles from Smith Rock.

This is the valley at Smith prior to getting on some rock. The day started with snow until about 11
but it cleared up and we actually got about 2 straight hours of sunlight!

Paul going up a nice 5.9 whose name escapes me. It had a really cool big suitcase handle
which always adds a nice touch.

Adam Stowers on his first trip rock climbing ever! What a great day to try out a new sport!

Here is Paul Dehaan coming down after completing his first successful lead climb on
Five Gallon Buckets
. He did it totally clean as well!

This route is called Magic Light . It's a tough 5.11a route that I tried to lead.
I got up 4 clips and successfully made the hardest move I've ever done at a decent distance from
my last clip. It was a super cool traverse cross-through that I almost dumped a load on.
This is me hanging after having clipped the fourth clip. Of course, that's the farthest I got
and Jason Stowers had to finish it.

This is me after trying to make the next few moves and totally flailing then falling. Credit to JS
for the pic.

Here is Jason completing the first pitch of Magic Light .

And here is a small vid of him making the traverse move in that climb: Jason Stowers vid
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