Carl and I decided to go for a quick hike up Door Jamb Mountain
The goal was actually Loder Peak but it turns out we turned off too fast
and gave ourselves an epic instead.

Here's what the hike is SUPPOSED to be

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Here's Carl making his way up the approach to Door Jamb. The weather was perfect, and the approach
hike was exactly what I like - all up hill and no screwing around. That's Heart Mountain behind Carl
on the right side of the photo.

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This is looking more to the west from the hike. The ascent up the corner of the mountain was quite
direct and decently steep. It had some scrambling components for sure, but was moderate.

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I picked up some Timmy's sandwiches for lunch and here's Carl on Door Jamb Mountain enjoying
his lunch. Yummy Extreme Italian!

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It turns out I'm a total idiot and turned off too quickly after peaking out on Door Jamb. So, not
only did we miss the actual peak we wanted to hike, we also suffered through almost two hours of
terrible bush-whacking along with full-on fifth class descent climbing. This is Carl showing off
the 'bum-skootch' technique. It's also popular with dogs who have an itchy anus.

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Um, I'm not really exaggerating the angle of this rock...

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Here's the third time our garage has been painted and I think we'll have to do it again... Note the
cracking and peeling. Thanks CF Construction...

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