Natalia and I decided to go for a nice ski in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The trails
had been freshly groomed and it was a bluebird day.

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Here's Natalia starting off on her new skis leaving the Pocaterra trailhead.

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The nice thing about cross country skiing is that you don't need fresh snow to have a great day. Look
at the smile on Natalia! It's almost as though she knows that she has Oreos in her lunch!

Video of Natalia skiing

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Since Peter Lougheed is right in the middle of the Opal Range, you get some gorgeous views right
from the cross-country ski trails. Check this out!

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Honestly, how nice is this?

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Natalia found a chuck of ice stuck on the side of a tree and tried to move it so that it was centred in
the mouth. Of course it broke.

Video of Natalia going down a big hill

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