At the end of March 2003, I moved to Portland, Oregon with Analog Devices.
These are some pics of my move and some partying before and after the move.

This is Ryan Leer, one of my roommates in Boston. He's a real champ
with the ladies as you can tell by the charm displayed here.

This is Matthew Sussman, another of my roommates in Boston. His lust for
a good beer is surpassed only by his huge head of hair, or by his uncanny
knack for always being cheap. "$5 is WAY too much for THIS guy!"

Before I moved from Boston, some of the guys and I decided to get Dave Pryor and
Stephanie Dorenbosch something nice since they were moving to Toronto. This is them
surprised and shocked after receiving their new DVD player, Strange Brew, Atanarjuat the
Fast Runner, the entire first season of South Park, and Spaceballs.

Dave and Brad Jacobs putting the moves on Dave's wife at an unremarkable Boston
Irish bar. They all play "Sweet Caroline" at least once a night and have really bad 80's

Me getting some lovin'

The four of us celebrating being not-Bostonians in Boston.

Once I got to Oregon, I had to start exploring. Fortunately, Jayson Yee of U of S fame
came to the rescue since he was down here with IRD. This is Cannon Beach on the Central Oregon coast.

Same beach, but with the tourist in front of it. You can tell it's a little windy.

Since the Oregon coast lies right in the path of any earthquake related tsunamis, they have
to be braced for it. Still, the sign is too cool.

This is Jayson atop the Astoria column in Astoria, OR. Some of you may remember Astoria as
the film site of such classics as the Goonies and Kindergarten Cop.

Still in Astoria, this is a huge bridge connecting Washington State with Oregon at Astoria.

Driving through rural Washington state, Jayson and I found this school with a fierce
mascot. I couldn't help stopping to see Donald Duck strung out on something nasty.

Just look at the RAGE!

When Mount Saint Helen's erupted in 1980, it devastated about 230 square miles of forest,
and blew off the top 1000 feet of the mountain. This is Jayson in front of a bridge connecting the
dead zone with the untouched forest.

This is me in the lava run-off lane next to Mount Saint Helen's. If it weren't so rainy
and foggy, the mountain vista is really quite beautiful.

On a business trip through California in April, my boss, Robin Getz, and I decided to stay in Santa
Cruz instead of in the stuffy Bay Area. This is the beach in front of the hotel we stayed at.
You can pick out the surfers in the morning surf.

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