My parents came to visit me in Portland in July 2003. I took them touring and
visiting some of the Northwest.

Here my mom is checking out the beautiful Columbia River Gorge from a site
on the Historic Columbia Highway.

Both my parents from the same site.

My father and I at the Mount Saint Helen's interpretive centre. For pictures of the hike
I did (south face) in May 2003 of the crater rim click here .

My father at Mt St Helen's showing off his new pride and joy: the crushable hat!
If you see this on his head, be sure to comment, "Wow, Ray, what a GREAT hat!! Where did you
get it?"

Here are my parents just hiking around the topmost trail at Saint Helen's. You can see
how barren the mountain sides still are even 23 years after the blast.

This is my mom in the Hoyt arboretum in Portland, OR, showing off one of Oregon's biggest cash crops
once Christmas rolls around - holly. Picture taken on the Holly Trail in the park.

The Portland area is so full of "earthmuffins" that even my traditionally conservative
mother became a treehugger! Again, this is in the Hoyt in Portland, OR, just off downtown.

This is my parents at the Chinese Garden in downtown Portland. They are seated in the
Painted Boat in Misty Rain , supposedly the most romantic spot in the garden.

The Chinese Garden in Portland is renowned
for its beauty and serenity. Excerpt from information about the garden:
Created to nurture and inspire all who visit, this Garden is little changed from what
might have greeted you during the Ming dynasty in China. Portland's is an authentic
Suzhou-style garden. It grew out of a friendship between Portland and Suzhou, a city
renowned for its exquisite gardens.

Here my dad and I stand beside some of the imported Tai Hu rocks in the garden.

My parents posing near the Tower of Cosmic Reflections

My mom is showing off the beautiful roof of the Moon Locking Pavilion . Note
the exquisite work on the rooftop which allows the visitor to stay dry in the rain.

This is a shot of my parents and I in front of a 75 year old black pine cut and pruned
in the banzai style. No kidding, that's a pine tree to our left!

In front of my Analog Devices office at 1100 NW Compton Drive, Beaverton, OR.

These shots are from my trip to Saskatoon and Prince Albert for the McNabb wedding
in late July 2003.

Beautiful Gracelyn Deutscher at almost 3 months old. Sorry Benny, but it's really
good to see that she is taking her features from her beautiful mother, and NOT you!

Benny, Kris, and baby Gracelyn July 25, 2003.

This is my buddy Kelly Reitenbach (best man for Matty) and Nicole Golding's sister
(her maid of honour).

The wedding party outside Sacred Heart cathedral in Prince Albert July 26, 2003.

Jon Bowes, Jason Roy, Matthew McNabb, Kelly Reitenbach, and myself toasting the
groom at the reception, Marlboro Inn, Prince Albert. Cam Baker's arm is also
visible in the foreground.

Kelly and I probably singing something at Matt's reception.

Matt dancing to I'm too sexy . Yes, he is!

It's not a good wedding unless the groom gets molested by the maid of honour.
No exception here.

Here Janice is dancing (looks more like attempted seducing, judging by her intent gaze)
with the groom. Watch out Nicole!

Umm, Janice, I'm not quite sure what to say here... He's TAKEN!! Look at the ring!!
Ha ha, we always give Janice a tough time. She's just out having a good time.

After having seen Kelly pull out the John Travolta collar and dancing shoes,
everyone else at the reception, including this young whippersnapper, felt compelled
to step it up a notch.

Kelly Reitenbach and Nicole McNabb.

Kelly, Janice, and Jason Roy dancing one of those three people dances. I actually
think this is a really great picture of the 3 of them.

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