I'm going to try to track some of the climbing I do this year.

These are from a neat area near Zigzag called French's Dome, a great chunk of rock
that I think fell off Mt. Hood. It makes for some quality single pitch sport climbs.
Here, you see Brad chilling outside my truck before Erin and Ian show us the
way to the climb.

You can see that it's nicely shaded here, making for not-too-hot climbing near the city.
This is the first lead climb that I set in probably about two years. It's a 5.8 called
Strawman .

The next lead I did this day was called Silver Streak and was a 5.10b, where
thanks to my friend Ian's insistence, I didn't give up and finished it instead,
even after taking one of the worst climbing falls I've ever taken.

This is Brad waving to us after completing Silver Streak . I told him that
we wouldn't be able to see him in this picture, but he wanted to capture the moment
when he capped this route. This was Brad's first time outside and he nailed a 5.10!
Not bad at all for someone who's been climbing for a little more than 5 months.

More shots of French's Dome.

Here is Brad bouldering around on the 5.10b.

Erin getting a start on Silver Streak .

After giving it the old college try (I got 3 clips placed), I flew off and gave up
on the 5.11 climb. Ian is attempting to make me look bad by kicking ass on it.

The usual suspects 9 August, 2003.

My girlfriend Shawna is trying to teach me how to surf. I can say that I'm not
very good in the same way that one could say that a mountain isn't very nimble. But
between falling off my board and getting beaten by extremely cold water waves, I definitely
enjoyed it.

So, here is me in my rented wetsuit and booties and borrowed 9 foot long board, just
itching to try out surfing!

Here's a standard Paul pose with my board. The beach is Short Sands on the Oregon coast.
It's a few miles south of Cannon Beach.

Here is a better shot of the ocean. You can see the small whitewater kayak in the
foreground. Kayakers ride the waves here just like surfers do.

Here is my girlfriend Shawna prior to getting her gear on.

Shawna is smiling because she knows she's going to kick my ass while trying to
teach me to surf. "C'mon Paul, the waves won't kill you..." BOOOOMMMMM!!
Sound of Paul drowning while waves beat on him...
"Nice job Paul! That six
inch wave didn't throw you off your board this time!"

This is Shawna with her brand spanking new board. She's very proud of it and has
already named it Zuweina. I suggested Murgatroid...

Hiking around Mt. Hood 16 August 2003

Mount Hood from the Timberline Lodge Trail, right before it hooks up with the
Pacific Crest Trail.

Shawna getting water from a nice cold stream.

Me posing with the west face of Mount Hood visible.

Ditto. How does this look for Christmas cards this year?

In mid August, some of the wildflowers around Mount Hood are still in bloom. This is
Shawna showing off Indian paintbrush as well as what I think is some kind of daisy.

Shawna and I atop Paradise Park, west face of Mount Hood, Oregon. You have to love
that self-timer!

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