Pictures of Smith Rocks, Labor Day weekend. Thanks to a great crew of
climbers from Stoneworks Rock Gym in Beaverton, OR, I had a great labor day climbing
some of the best sport climbing in North America.

Saturday morning saw us "mad dogs and Englishmen" enjoying the heat of the Morning
Glory wall. It got so hot on the surface of the rock that midway through a climb, you'd
have to take a break, not for strength but so that the sticky rubber of your shoes
wouldn't melt! This is me on Five Gallon Buckets, a nice 5.8.

Since I tried (and got my butt kicked!) surfing, Shawna promised to come try climbing
again. Naturally, she was far better at climbing than I at surfing. Here she is redpointing
a 5.9, and barely breaking a sweat!

Same climb.

Here is a shot of me getting up Zebra Direct, my first 5.11 climb at
Smith Rocks. I fell a lot (thanks to Ha for being a great belayer!), screamed and bitched
about bad holds, but finally made it up!

This is Joel Spaltenstein (I know I probably spelt it wrong Joel!) at our campsite
in Skull Hollow. Joel is one of the best climbers I know, and yet still manages to
be a really nice guy.

Here is Ian (aka Apollo) at the top of the Misery Ridge Trail. He's happy here
because we just got to the top of the rock (by hiking that is)!

Jordan Disko smiles at the camera as he begins a "dance of the exotic variety" atop
Misery Ridge.

Some of the Stoneworks team who formed the Labor Day Classic Climbing Team (from l to r):
Ha, Dan, Josh, Ian, Erin, me, Shawna, Juan, Jordan (behind), Joel, Paul #2, Chris, and his
two dogs, with the top of Monkey Face visible behind us. Low Res

Ha's pictures

Great shot of me on Five Gallon Buckets

Here are Paul and Ha after Paul climbs his first outdoor sport climb. Yay Paul!

Smith Rocks visible through the haze of the forest fires further west.

Monkey Face , one of the most devastatingly difficult climbs at Smith.

4 guys in red shirts, from left to right, Juan, Josh, Paul, and Ha.

The four gentlemen trying to do an Abbey Road kind of pose. Very artistic guys!

Getting a little boulder in before jumping on the wall. That's Shawna busting a groove on the wall
and Ross getting some rock on the left.

Juan and Josh getting some sun.

Due to my incredible navigational skills, we managed to miss a REALLY short shortcut and instead opted
for the 2 hour extra hike around Monkey Face . Sorry guys!

Great shot of Smith from Misery Ridge looking south west.

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