After spending some quality time in Ireland, I'm now free to travel Oregon.

On the Fourth weekend, I took a little hike into the Eagle Creek area east of
Portland, in the Columbia River Gorge area. This is a set of falls a few miles in
from the trailhead.

This is Shawna Hasel, a fellow adventurer, who accompanied me on this hike.
Behind her you can see the entrance behind the Tunnel Falls.

Here you see the other side of the Tunnel Falls tunnel with Shawna receiving a bit
of spray from the flowing water.

This is a little better shot of Shawna (nice work with the flower in the foreground Paul!).
Shawna studies naturopathic medicine at the NCNM here in Portland when she can take time from
surfing, hiking, camping, and her many other activities.

The falls themselves are about a 100 foot drop down into a sweet little pool. The bottom
line is that this part of Oregon is God's country; just a great place for a weekend outing.

This is David Frizelle showing what he believes to be a Canadian trait - the ability to make
one's head split in two a la Terence and Philip.

My climbing buddy Jordan at Smith Rock checking the route out before we start climbing.

This is Ian at Smith Rock at the crux of a problem we haven't found a name for yet.

Ian on the same nameless climb, but from a cooler angle.

Yours truly trying a different method to get around the crux. Nice helmet Paul!

When Jordan and I found this route, we both said to each other, "Hey, that looks cool, but what
a junk start! Meh, Ian'll get the first clip for us." Sure enough, the machine better known as
Reef did better than that, he topped out the climb!

On this particular night, we were treated to an absolutely amazing sunset. You can see the colour of
it on the rock behind me.

Great view from the Red Rock side of Smith down into the river valley.

Another shot showing the great area that is Smith Rock.

Jordan trying the same route with another unique solution to the problem.

You can only faintly see the reflective climber on the rock. Needless to say
we hiked down in the dark.

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