Tim, Natalia, and I hiked the Eagle Creek trail in July 2006.

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The purpose of the hike was to go to Punch Bowl Falls (shown behind Natalia) to go for a swim
since it was so hot in Portland. Well, by the time we actually got to the Punch Bowl, the sun had dipped
behind the trees and the water was a wee bit chilly. There were a few kids jumping off the left side of
the Punch Bowl, jumping what must have been easily 70 feet into REALLY cold water.

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I initially thought these were yellow monkeyflowers, but they're not. Points to whoever can tell me
what they are though: EMAIL ME

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Great picture of Tim with the Lower Punch Bowl Falls behind him.

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The water was RIDICULOUSLY cold but we went for a short swim anyway since we had come all this way.
This is Natalia saying that she's not pleased with the water temperature.

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On the way back down to the car, we took a few glamour shots for Tim. This picture became the start
of MOUNTAIN TIM . The song goes something like this:
Mountain Tim, Mountain Tim, MOUNTAIN TIM!
Saving babies, Eating cougars, Mountain Tim!
That's about as far as I got with the song though.

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Another one of Mountain Tim.

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Mountain Tim and I. Eagle Creek Trail, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

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This fuzzy picture shows some of the Eagle Creek Trail with Natalia holding on to the cable for balance.

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