I took a few pictures of my best friends Jason Stowers and Avie Meadows' wedding,
from 1 July, 2006.

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Since I was the best man in the wedding, I couldn't really take pictures of the ceremony itself.
However, I took a few shots afterwards of some of the guests and of the beautiful property that
Jason and Avie chose to be married on. This is a picture of the Disko's eldest daughter, Ruby,
her boyfriend Scott (pizza dude?) swinging the Disko's youngest, Scarlett, while Jason's brother Adam
looks on. I'm actually sad that I didn't get a picture of Matt Benoist at the wedding as I think
he was having issues with his flower. Or maybe it was his beer.

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Avie's friend Suzie was Avie's maiden of honour. This is she with her husband Andrew. Andrew is wearing
one of the scarves that Jason and Avie brought back from Thailand for their wedding. Each of the bridesmaids
had a different colour scarf (pink, blue, and green) and so the groomsmen each got matching ties of the same
colour. You can guess which colour my tie was (Hint: I was paired with Suzie).

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I did manage to get a few pictures of the lovely couple.

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I'm not sure what Jason was trying here.

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Jason and Avie, and Natalia and I. The wedding itself was really moving with the eminent Jordan Disko
presiding over the ceremony that he wrote. I'm not sure what Jordan's new title is since he was ordained
explicitly for the purpose of saying the wedding.

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A very cute picture of Jason and Avie on their wedding day, 1 July 2006.

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Jason and his dad discussing after the wedding. I think Jason is trying to explain to his dad for the
400th time why having more miles on his Jeep is a good thing.

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Here is Jordan catching Jason with the proof of his lost bet - shorn legs.

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Avie is here taking Jason away at the closing of their wedding.

The toast I gave to my good friend Jason Stowers at his wedding.

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