This is a miscellaneous collection of pictures from Portland in the spring.

My friends Jeff Wilkinson (Milkin' Sum) and Lindsey H drove through Portland on their motorbikes
and stayed over at my pad. It was great to see them both, and before they left, they took a picture
of themselves on my camera.

I took this one for my friend Paula Kiss, who has most recently moved to St John's, NF, Canada.
Some readers might remember her from my travels through Europe pages. This
car wash is on Burnside in Portland, OR.

Skiing Mount Hood, OR, 12 June, 2004

Here is Paul Dehaan, with the summit of Mount Hood behind him. This is taken from the top of
the Palmer chair at Timberline.

Paul, and his new roommate Ryan at the same spot.

Yours truly, looking out towards Mount Jefferson and the Three Sisters. This is facing south from Mount Hood.

Ryan Kerekes on Mount Hood, 12 June 2004.

The three amigos on a sunny day in June skiing.

Apparently, this is one of the higher areas to climb in Oregon. This rock is just to the west of the summit,
and at almost 8,800 feet.

Paul Dehaan taking a breather in Timberline Lodge. This is the same place that the original
The Shining was filmed.

Paul, Ryan, and I went a little off trail and found some amazing untouched snow. Here are the boys
steadily traversing into the white unknown.

Paul D gazing longfully up to the summit. Someday big shooter, someday.

Ryan in the middle of the clouds and snow.

Me looking up towards the peak. It was a bit of a windy day up on the top methinks.

Climbing at Smith Rock with Jeff Hemphill, Charles Alexander, and Jeff's brother Brian 13 June 2004.

Here is Brian, the big time Bend lawyer, at the bottom of Wherever I May Roam .
This is a 5-pitch 5.9 climb with some nice exposure and clean rock on the back side of Smith.

This is some gear that we cleaned at the top of the 4th pitch. I led all 5 pitches and we had a blast!

The Monkey Face from the top of the 4th pitch of Wherever I May Roam .

A nice look west into the valley near Smith Rock.

This guy's house and the beautiful view to the Cascades gets the Paul Perrault
stamp of approval.

This is my self-portrait at the top of the climb. Not too badly centered either.

Here are Charles and Jeff sitting at the 4th pitch, while I am looking down on them from the 5th.

Jeff, finishing this climb. That foot in the air is helping a lot of balance, Jeff.

This is the picture I took for Jeff's girlfriend. Here you go Lisa! Thanks again for the cookies!

Natalie Jackson and her sister Kate came to check out Oregon, and so naturally I took them to
Smith Rock.

Natalie hanging out at Peter Ogden State Park, as we're having lunch.

Natalie and Kate at the top of Misery Ridge.

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