Courtesy of my family's frequent moves (and my Dad the tour guide), I was instilled with
a healthy dose of tourist genes. You never know how long you'll be somewhere, so get out and see it!
These are shots around Portland in May 2003.

Near Crater Lake in the south of Oregon.

Having been stopped from entering the Crater Lake park (5 feet of snow stops Gloria from
driving), I elected to take a hike into the Cascades.

Next time I'm bringing snowshoes.

Inside North America's largest naturally forested urban park (Forest Park, Portland)
lies a really cool mansion built by the newspaper baron and Oregon trail pioneer Henry Pittock.
Good thing he didn't get dysentery!

Also inside Forest Park is a great arboretum called the Hoyt. This is a Giant Sequoia.
Trust me, it's pretty big.

This is my living room with new leather furniture! Yay, being a yuppie!

View from the Oregon coast inside the Tillamook bay. They still catch sturgeon here!

View along the beach at Twin Rocks. The cloud bank along the water is what caught my eye.

View of the Twin Rocks at Rockaway Beach. The more I see of the Oregon coastline,
the more I want to see.

The very beautiful Vanessa Thomas came to visit Oregon all the way from Port Washington, NY.
Being a good guide, we had to go see the beach for sure! This is Rockaway Beach.

Beauty enhances great scenery.

Rockaway Beach with that cloud bank a little further along.

Oregon has a wide variety of topography. Just to prove it, I took Vanessa
the other direction from Portland, to Smith Rock, OR. This is a summit trail to
the top of one of the rocks.

View from Smith Rock.

View down towards the path from the peaks.

Yours truly posing. Most of the cliffs to my right are bolted for sport climbing and
form part of the Mesa Verde wall.

Climbers ascending the Monkey Face.

It doesn't seem that bad until you see it from another angle. I kind of think it looks
like an air traffic control tower.

This area gets the Paul Perrault stamp of approval.

Thanks to my friends Josh, Erin, Matt, and Annika, I actually got to
do a little bit of climbing at Smith. This climb is called Barbequing the Pope and is
rated 5.10b. Yes I finished it. No, I didn't lead it. Photo credit to Vanessa.

Barbequing the Pope

This is Erin the climber, and Vanessa, the non-climber (boo!).

This is Erin Gentry climbing 5 buckets at Smith Rock. Nice jugs!

Jordan Disko kicking rump up Double Trouble . Do it up big man!

This is Matt, the best climber I know climbing Barbeque the Pope at Smith Rock.
I hope someday to be as good as this guy. He's a machine!

I thought this pic was of a guy from our gym named Reef, but it's titled Ian. Either way,
he's climbing Double Trouble at Smith Rock.

My buddy Josh Griffin capping a really tough 5.12b.

View of the Smith Rock area.

Where there's fun climbing, there's cliffs.

Don't worry Mom, I was wearing my helmet.

Bridge across the Crooked River.


This picture does not do the view justice. As we drove back from Smith along
route 26, the sun was just setting and made the snow on Mount Hood glow bright purple and
pink. Even if the picture sucks, it still reminds me of a great view, and in the end, that's
what photos should do: Remind us of great times.

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