In order to spend some time with my family in 2004, I "worked from home" in PA and Saskatoon
for a week in June. Courtesy of flexible management, I got some work done, and spent some quality
time with the family too!

Of course when I'm home, I like to see what my family does. This summer, my sister Renee is
working at a research and teaching farm doing translations, school tours, and anything else
her boss can find for her (including killing rats with a shovel!). This is Renee and her friend
Daphne in the shelter where they teach kids about farms.

Here you see the shelter and Miss Perrault writing stuff on the whiteboard.

Here is Renee educating the kids about the value of tree-based windblocks, as well as
how to best tan your arms. That's right, Renee didn't grow up on a farm.

Renee and Daphne are teaching the kids about their weather station, including such wonders as
a thermometer, an anemometer, and a barometer. I was a grade 5 student that day as well and
so was able to tag along on the tour. I also got to fill in the field trip evaluation forms...
You've got a great view of Renee's hair extensions too in this shot. Some people have mistaken
identity problems; well, my sister thinks she's black every so often.

The best way to learn science is to do it, so after touring the farm and the weather station, the grade 5 kids
from Shellbrook, SK, went on to making anemometers, or wind-speed measurement devices.

Here, the kids are playing with their anemometers. For instructions on how to make your own device, as well
as how to calibrate it, click here: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN ANEMOMETER

Next on my tour of my family's places of work, we went to visit my baby sister Danielle. Danielle is
working at the Royal Bank of Canada, Prince Albert branch, as a teller for the summer. She's having
a great time cashing people's cheques, making transfers, and listening to people complain. As it turns
out, it's illegal to take pictures in a bank. Little did I know!

Another shot of Danielle with a customer. I wanted to do a photo expose on the life and times of bank tellers
but as I said earlier, it's apparently illegal.

Shortly after this, we went upstairs to my dad's office at the same bank, only to discover he was on the phone.
Makes sense, he's a business banker after all.

My dad in his office in Prince Albert, SK.

Lastly, we went to go check out my mom at her school. Now, my mom works at St. Michael's community school in PA.
We figured we'd surprise her and show up at her school. It being 3pm, we thought we'd catch her in class assigning
homework or something. As it turns out, it was a "play day" at St Mike's, meaning the kids were sent home early,
and the teachers were in the office drinking! Here's Mom having a little drinky drink (she tells me it was water
but I don't really believe her!).

My mom at St Mike's school in Prince Albert, SK.

The staff board showing that my mom is teaching Native Studies at an almost-all-native school. I think I may
apply to teach women's studies at the local university...

Here is my mom in her classroom.

Later that evening, my friend Erik Olson came over to visit and have supper, and my brother Denis, his wife
Leah, and their niece Alandra came as well. Here are Erik and Danielle on my parents' back porch.

Here are Denis and Leah. They will be moving from Swift Current, SK to Hamilton, Bermuda this summer,
so this may be the last family BarBQ we have for awhile.

Here is my Dad, cooking pickerel in the "Dobson Shore Lunch" style.

My mom in her backyard. She gave up a beautiful home in Saskatoon, but now has quite the backyard landscape
to work with in PA.

This is little Alandra. I think this is the first time she is on the Internet. She's 3 years old and is
extremely smart for her age. Here she is in a very smart pair of glasses!

Danielle with Alandra.

Alandra playing in the sprinklers.

Erik Olson reminding us that only YOU can prevent forest fires (and cougar abductions...)

Here is the whole family in my parents' backyard. Thanks to Erik the photographer. Taken 4 June 2004.

Erik and I in Prince Albert, 4 June, 2004.

I took a few videos of Alandra that I expect will be really funny on her graduation day.

Alandra dancing up a storm

Alandra playing in a sprinkler with her pants off

Alandra' favourite uncle Denis telling Alandra a story

Alandra playing with Ray's guitar

Alandra dancing up a storm again

Alandra doing MuchMusic-style breakdowns

Alandra with more dance moves

Alandra singing Baa-Baa Black Sheep

Uncle Denis tickling Alandra

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