Okay, now it's time for the real thing. I was honoured by being asked to serve as Kris and Janna's
official videographer, so I don't have a lot of pictures from the wedding and reception, but I thought I'd
post what I had anyways. I hope someone else sends me better pictures (at least of the couple!) to

Here is the groom, Kris Breen, and his two groomsman doing what any wedding party would be doing
1 hour before the wedding, decorating the car!

A very nervous Miss Jeanna Berg, serenading the wedding party as the guests enter the McClure United Church
in Saskatoon, SK, 5 June 2004.

A much happier Jeanna following the ending of the service.

Here is Kris and Janna's official singer, Heather singing a few bars for us, after the service.

And now, on to the reception. It's kind of sad that after all of this, I didn't even wind up getting a single picture
of the couple together. This is Kennedy and Ashley sitting across the table at the supper from me.

I promised Ashley I would post this one with the caption, "I bet you wouldn't even know that THIS girl blew a
0.175!". Yes, the breathalyzer made another appearance here.

I don't remember this guy's name, but after Ashley blew a 0.175, he stuck two straws into his Vodka Special
and it was on! These were friends of Janna's from med school at the U of S.

The big man himself, the married Kris Breen. This is also the same Kris Breen who lost (yet again)
to a chicken at a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. On the whole, it looks like Kris' wedding day will go down
as a day of wins and losses for him!

Master of Ceremonies Alex Cruder, blowing another test result, as Kasim looks on.

Kasim, blowing for all he's worth.

Another engaged couple. This is Kevin Snodgrass and his beautiful fiancee, Sarah.

So, because the bar was a twonie bar, and because I buy a lot of drinks when I'm happy, I was
buying another round for the table. Kennedy says, "Surprise me". Thus, he gets stuck with a
Muff Diver, a rare concoction of straight whipped cream surrounding a shot of Baja Rosa that
you can't drink with your hands at all. It's an exercise in tongue prowess to say the least.

Kennedy, making progress.

Going in for the kill for the 10th time! (Ashley in the background: "You're terrible at this!")

Finally giving up on the challenge.

Kasim, Anne Naugler, and Erin Bingham at the gift opening the day after the wedding at the Bruske residence.

An alligator in the Calgary airport, apparently eating a Tampa Bay Lightning sweater, and wearing a
Flames hardhat.

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