Robin Speer and his lovely girlfriend Tara came to visit me in Boston in March of 2003.

Harvard Yard is a beautiful spot in the People's Republic of Cambridge. Here Robin
poses with a stone marking 8 miles to Boston.

Tara sits inside the main building at MIT campus.

Robin and Tara pose in Cambridge with a backdrop of downtown Boston visible
across the Charles River.

The Massachusetts State House is well ornamented with a nice gold dome.
Located across from Boston Common, it provided a starting point
for us to explore the Freedom Trail in downtown Boston.

The story goes that the donkey (or jackass) has been the symbol of the Democrats
since the days of Andrew Jackson in 1828. This brass statue sits outside
the old City Hall and makes for fun poses.

Robin and Tara pose in the North End of Boston. In the distance one can see the
yachts and sailboats of Boston Harbour.

This is the opening of the first professional basketball game I've ever seen.
Thanks to Robin for helping me haggle for scalpers tickets to a sold out FleetCenter,
where we watched the storied Celtics get their hats handed to them by the Spurs.

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