Natalia and I wanted to get some early season touring in, so we went for a look-about
around the Rae Glacier area in Kananaskis. Since Rowley had just got off night shift,
he figured skiing would be the best way to reset his clock so he came too.

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Even though there wasn't that much snow in Calgary, we drove through a bit of a blizzard to get up to
the Highwood Pass. Since the road closure takes effect on Dec 1, we thought it would be fun to take a
tour into an area we wouldn't otherwise ski. Here's Rowley and his massive goggles in the parking lot
at Elbow Lake trailhead.

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Here's Natalia getting her skis on near my shiny car. Of course, right after I wash it, I take it up to
Kananaskis to get dirty again, but at least it cleans off the salt and sand.

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The tour is a very reasonable 1.5 km up to Elbow Lake and then another 2.5km up to the base of Rae Glacier
Here's a look at some of the surrounding mountains in the area.

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This was the view as we got up higher into the alpine. The Rae Glacier is immediately in front of us.

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This is about where we decided to turn around. Even though this looks really pleasant, the wind was
howling and was apparently much worse up higher. This slope behind Natalia looks like it could ski
reasonably well though.

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This is looking back towards Elpoca Mountain and the bowl that Louis and Rowley and I hiked up to this fall.

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Rowley and I subscribe to the same school of jacket selection - buy something bright to make for better photos.

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