These are some of the most recent pics

Sometimes good parties just happen. This band played in our living room
at a party we held in Brighton, MA a few nights after Hallowe'en 2002.

Very possibly two of the most entertaining people I know, Dave and Steph Pryor.
Sorry Steph, not sure if you took his name or not. There. Now you're both on!

The very beautiful Caroline Broxterman and myself at the same party as the previous two shots.
Great shirt Paul!

This was taken at King Richard's Faire in Massachusetts this fall.
These guys joust and pretend that it's the middle ages and the whole nine yards,
complete with beer wenches and giant turkey legs.

This is facing the Mount Washington valley in Northern New Hampshire in October 2002.
Really incredible hiking for anyone who doesn't mind 1000 feet vertical gain in half a mile.
Lindsey H, you thought the Mt. Assiniboine trip was tough?

The Killington ski resort in Vermont apparently makes more snow than anywhere in North
and this is true looking at all the green trees still visdible in the valley here.
This is November 9, 2002. I guess they started making snow the beginning of October.

Caroline Broxterman came to visit me in October, and so like the good host I am, I took
this young lady to visit Maine and try some rock lobster. This is Ogunquit, ME.

I finally found this picture of me in the Speaker's Chair in the House of Commons.

Ok, this isn't a recent picture, but I recently found it, so it merits being here. This is Erik Olson and I after E-Plant 2001. The engineers won, and Erik was an honorary engineer and kicked the snot out of some Agros.

This was October 2002, when I summitted Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The mountain is the highest in New England at over 6,200 feet. Still peanuts by Rocky Mountain standards, but they did record the highest wind ever by a human, 213 miles an hour.

On the way to the summit, I took a trail called Huntington Ravine. This was not a trail, it was actually a climbing route disguised as a trail, especially to someone carrying a full hiking pack.

In the Lynn Woods State Reservation, MA, there are a whole pile of mountain biking trails. Somewhere in the middle of these trails is a big stone tower. I thought it looked neat.

Some hockey pics

I attended a game at the Fleet Centre this fall (2002), and got to see the Rangers beat the Bruins. Robin Speer, this is where we'll be watching the Penguins from in January.

Sergei Samsonov will probably have a record season this year.

Some of my Nova Scotia friends

Allison MacDonald (nee Saulnier) and her husband Jason in their home in Halifax, NS. Allison and I grew up together in Clare, NS, and I was honored to give the toast to the bride at her wedding.

Lauren Maher and I used to compete for marks in high school in Clare, NS. Unfortunately I left Clare before we could find out who the better academic was. She is in med school at Dalhousie and I am a lowly engineer, so you do the math! Lauren doesn't like taking pictures though.

Less Recent pics

Robin Speer, Todd Schweitzer (Todd, I know I spelled this wrong) and I drove to a Mariner's game in Seattle for two reasons: To break in my new 2002 Toyota Highlander and to boo A-Rod.

Me and the boys outside of Safeco Field in Seattle, WA. July 2002

This is me under the Seattle Space Needle in standard tower pose.

Robin Speer in front of his favorite building in Seattle.

There is a beautiful view of the Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park.

This is my brand new 2002 Toyota Highlander. I haven't named her yet, and she already has over 10,000 Km, so please suggest a name!

The second time I saw Mario Lemieux play was in Edmonton, AB this past January. During practice, Robin Speer and I got down to ice level and took a few pictures.

Mario in action.

Kevin Darland and I toured Cape Cod in August 2002 and wound our way to Plymouth Rock, MA, where the pilgrims landed in 1620. Pretty cool little town.

On the way home from Cape Cod, we ran into a blimp and so we tried to hijack it. Alas, we didn't get very far.

Kevin Darland at his finest.

Kev scored us some sweet tickets to see the Super Bowl champ New England Patriots play in their new stadium, Gilette Stadium. I can't believe they can get 68,000 fans to see a pre-season game.

In touring Boston, I discovered a few cool places, one of which was Sam Adams' final resting place. I am paying him homage.

This is the view across the Charles River to downtown Boston, taken from MIT campus.

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