A few of the guys that I used to climb with in Boston finally got their sacks
together and organized a trip to climb out west with me. We all met in Las Vegas,
with Kevin coming from Colorado, Dave from Toronto, Alex, Brad, and Jeff from Boston,
and Jason and I from Portland. Planning to climb for three straight days, we were a
little miffed to say the least when it poured 4 inches in the desert, giving us only a single
day of climbing.

Here are the Red Rocks crew (l to r), Jason Stowers, Kevin Rust, Jeff Stanley, Alex Goldhammer,
and Brad Jacobs. Dave Pryor didn't show up until the next day, so he effectively flew all the way to Vegas
for nothing, other than a lighter wallet.

Alex and Jeff getting ready to climb in the Black Corridor, a really sweet single pitch sport
climbing area at Red Rocks.

Picture showing the "corridor" nature of the Black Corridor.

Nice aviators Stowers. Jason picked these up at a pharmacy on the Strip and
felt that he climbed better with them on.

After Jason sent this climb with his aviators on, I got my butt kicked by it, but
finally made it up. This is a steep short 5.11a called Rebel without a Pause

Brad Jacobs ascending Rebel .

Jeff and Alex simul-rapping down Lewd, Crude, and Misconstrued . Nice butt shot!

Brad is showing what you spend the day doing when it's pouring rain outside at the crag.

Jason, Dave, Brad, and Kevin in front of Lake Mead, near Hoover Dam, NV. Since the rock was
still so wet, and none of us felt like ripping bolts out of the rock, we elected to spend the
day out for a drive to Hoover Dam.

Yeah, those goggles are something special.

Yours truly walking across Hoover Dam.

So Dave says to me, "Hey Canada, snap a shot of me for Steph, so that she doesn't think I was
drinking and going to strip clubs all weekend!" Here you go Steph, photographic proof!

Saturday night, after we're all a little bit stir-crazy, we decide to take an off-road drive in my
rental Buick Le Sabre to check out how wet Prince of Darkness is in the Black Velvet Canyon.
Here, we found wild burros and Kevin is just about to try to chase them down.

Because I was the one with the rental car in my name, I had to play the part of the suck. I took this
picture to show what these clowns wanted me to drive through in the Buick. Needless to say, it was
ridiculous muddy, and the "mudders" on the Buick didn't inspire confidence. I elected to stop the car there
and we walked the rest of the way in. Incidentally, I also caught Kevin peeing on film.

Sunday morning I woke up Alex and Jason at 6 am to hopefully climb before our noon flights.
While the rock was still wet, we at least got to hike around the Calico Basin and enjoy the morning.
I give the Calico Basin the Paul Perrault stamp of approval.

Looking past Cannibal Crag in the Calico Basin, home of some stiff 5.12 sport routes.

Jason pointing to something really interesting.

Some of the beautiful red rocks that give this area its name.

On the top of Cannibal Crag, sporting my NHL 2004 All-Star Game toque, courtesy
of Mr. Kris Breen all the way from Minneapolis. Thanks buddy!

Puddle of water atop Cannibal Crag in the morning light.

While the weekend in Las Vegas featured many firsts, it was also the first time I had ever
seen a Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia) up close. They're a giant member of the lily family and you
can estimate the age of these trees by taking their height and dividing by the average growth of half an inch
a year. That makes this tree roughly a few hundred years old at least.

More pictures of Red Rocks courtesy of Jeff Stanley

Click here for Jeff's Shutterfly shots

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