So, Robin, being the great guy that he is, organized a deep sea fishing expedition for 8 of us.
The fishermen were Robin, Austin, Jason, Drew, myself, Terry, Orville, and Glenn.

We took a shuttle bus from the hotel to the marina. The marina owns all of the boats here, and simply
rents them out to captains to take out for the day.

The name of our boat was "Fiesta" or "Party"!

Here is Austin checking out the tools of the trade.

The gauge of this line was something else. I put it at roughly 18-20 gauge if it were wire.

Robin "Barry Bonds" Speer getting ready to do battle with some fish.

Austin giving the trip a thumbs up. We were all pretty stoked and talking shit prior to
getting out into open water.

The front of the boat was open for us to relax on, similar to a sailing yacht. Of course we
all wore life jackets Mom! We're just not wearing them here...

I think I'll get Glenn a modeling contract with this one. Glenn, with his long flowing
locks in the wind, always prefers the firm support of Fruit of the Loom tighty whiteys.

Austin, looking for fish in the distance.

Me hanging out near the stern of the boat.

Robin was checking out the hooks and the knives. The hooks were massive, and I think they would have
been able to catch a shark or two.

"These are fish", or so Terry tells me. I replied, "Yes, they're fish, but they're babies.
Let's use them to catch the big ones!"

So, once one of the four lines in the water catches a fish, it begins drawing line pretty quickly
so that you can actually hear an audible alarm. When this happened, Glenn happened to be sitting near the
"catcher's seat", and the captain guy (Steve) threw him into the seat. Glenn says, "WOAH!", and briefly
tries to get out of the seat and out of the way. Steve holds him in his seat and makes a motion for Glenn
to pull up on his rod, and then reel the thing in like a mad goat. Note that neither
Steve nor the captain spoke any English at all, but the captain (Oscar) spoke some French, so we got along.
At this point, we figured that Glenn had caught a boot or something.

After a bunch of yelling and screaming, Glenn brought the fish to the surface. You can see the
wake it's making in the water. We were trolling about 8-10 knots at the time.

Here Steve is getting ready to spear (Speer?) the fish and yank it into the boat.

Here you can see the hook that caught the wahu. Once the fish was on board, both Robin and Glenn's
reaction was "AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" since they thought their perfectly pedicured toes were targets for
the wahu to chomp off. This fear turned out to be not valid since shortly after the fish was brought on
board, Steve hammered the crap out of it with the bat until it stopped moving.

Here is Glenn, thrilled with his conquest for the day. He was to be the only one of us to catch a
fish, although that didn't stop Austin from not straying more than 5 feet from the "catcher's seat"
in anticipation of being the next one to reel in a monster.

Video of Glenn discussing his accomplishments: "The Sea was angry my friend" Clip 1 Clip 2 .

Video of Austin trash-talking the fish in the water. We were looking for barracuda. Video clip removed at Austin's request.

If Austin were an action figure, this would be his trading card.

Jason: "Look, it's a mermaid!" Robin: "I don't need one boys, I'm married!"

We travelled about 20 miles offshore of Varadero to fish, and found a large island called Caya Blanco.
From here, Steve snorkelled to check out his lobster traps.

A lobster trap or pot.

Steve, getting ready to check his traps. This is quite different from what I'm used to seeing as a
lobster fisherman.

And success! Different from Nova Scotia lobster, these are a species of rock lobster which doesn't have
the big pincers we're used to seeing.

Glenn, showing us what a lobster looks like.

Terry doing the same.

Here, I caught Glenn mid-dive. I think I'll use this to photoshop somewhere...

Mmmm, rock lobster!

There were so many lobsters in some of the traps, that we had more than enough for one lobster each.

Yum, yum!

The fish Glenn caught.

A good shot showing Glenn holding his fish by the eye sockets. We figured it was ~35 pounds and
easily 4 and a half feet long.

Better fish picture.

The boys with the fish.

The whole team with the fish.

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