On Dec 16, 2004, Robin Speer and Tara Findlay were married. Here are their pictures.

Here is the man himself, Robin Speer, getting dressed in my room prior to the big ceremony at 3pm.

Robin and his brother Austin. Robin amazed me in that he had absolutely no nerves at all prior to
his wedding.

Robin on my balcony.

Austin on my balcony.

Me on the balcony.

The hotel arranged the ceremony to take place outside in their gazebo, right by the pool. You can
see people sunbathing in the left corner of this shot.

It seemed like wherever we looked in Cuba, there was a live band playing. This was definitely the case
for the wedding.

Robin, Austin, and Glenn prior to the ceremony.

The groomsmen and the groom.

The groomsmen, sans groom.

Tara and her father Eldred, coming down the "aisle"

Robin and Tara thanking Tara's parents.

Robin thanking his dad.

Now, I didn't catch any pictures during the ceremony since I was busy being a groomsman (translation:
standing and doing nothing). So, as of this picture and beyond, Tara and Robin are now married. The
ceremony consisted of two women reading part of the Cuban constitution that deals with marriages,
them swapping rings, and then kissing. Tara and Robin are now on their way to take some serious pictures!

Tara on the beach.

Robin and Tara on the beach.

Robin and Tara on the beach.

Glenn and Mary Ann on the beach.

The bridal party consisting of Tara's sister Melissa, and Tara's cousins, Erin, and Amber.

Erin being surprised by the waves on the beach.

The girls with their feet firmly in the sand under the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The bridal party with Tara.

Similar picture.

The entire wedding party on the beach.

Same shot from another angle.

The groomsmen on the beach.

Tara and her dad.

Tara, Mom, and Dad.

Robin and the Findlays.

The Findlays and the Speers.

Robin and Tara.

Robin and Tara.

Robin and Tara.

Robin and Tara.

Robin and Tara.

Bridal party running into the water.

A short video of the bridal party running into the water. Click here

Tara bought sandals that say "Just Married" in a mirror image. These are the sandals in question.

The Speer family.

The Findlay women.

Robin and I.

Robin and Glenn.

Robin and Austin.

The entire Findlay clan who made it to Cuba for the wedding. I'm told that there are many more Findlays who
couldn't make it.

Robin, Tara, Melissa, Tara's mom, and Keith.

Robin, Tara, Robin's friend Jason, and Jason's fiancee Julie.

Tara, her sister Melissa, and her dad Eldred.

A sand imprint of one of Tara's sandal.

Tara washing her sandy feet.

Robin growling like a tiger, "You're a tiger baby!"

A nicer picture in the same spot.

Robin and Tara by the pool.

The wedding rings. This is in the gazebo where they were married.

Tara and her bridesmaids in the pool.

The future leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and his beautiful wife.

Austin and I climbing around.

Despite a number of hair crises, at the end of the day, Tara was thrilled with her hair
(with much thanks to hairdresser Melissa).

Tara's hair from the front.

Tara's hair from the other side.

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