My roommate for the summer, Timothy Day, dragged my ass to see the Rose Festival.
I think I wanted to do homework instead for my stupid power class, but Tim convinced me

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Apparently, some of the ships used in the Pirates of the Carribean movies were in town for the Rose Festival.
As you can see, I think they were lacking a little on features. Check out bullet point number 3. It's like,
"Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering what else you'd see at 'Pirates at the Waterfront', you'll also see

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I tried out a frozen cheesecake on a stick at the Rose Festival. I also enjoyed all of the
warnings on this sign.

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Tim and I chilling out at "Possibly the world's finest carnival". This is the equivalent of
saying, "We think we're pretty good, but we haven't gone to the trouble to see how good we are."

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Funtastic traveling shows indeed.

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Every so often you realize that your life is actually so much better than you ever could have thought.
Running into people who dress up like pirates all day allowed me to make that realization. I think we all
went to high school with people who you knew would wind up in this kind of gig. The other way to look at this
is that everyone wants to find a place where they're wanted. These people have found that place.

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One of the Pirate ships.

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The same ship from another angle in the Willamette river in Portland during the Rose Festival.

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