These are some photos taken on the way up to Skoki Lodge, 10 Jan 2009.

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This is what the first 3 km of the trail looks like. It's gently ascending in elevation as
you travel from the trailhead at Lake Louise resort to the backside Temple Lodge. I think this
might be Joe Johnson in the foreground. Joe is noted for his high quality Chuck Norris
jokes and his amazing personal aroma.

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This is Ken Lee almost up to Temple Lodge. There is a a nice information kiosk here
just before we cross the main runs from Larch chair.

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Another 3.9 km later, we got to Ptarmigan Halfway Hut. This is roughly halfway to Skoki lodge.
The visibility wasn't amazing but the temperatures were quite warm.

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Inside the halfway hut is a great place to have a bite of lunch. Even though there's no
stove (Gord thought it would have burned down already if it had one), it's still a great
refuge from the wind and elements. Visible here are Ken Lee (at the back), Joe Johnson's toque
Gord Ross' head, Jennifer Simpson, and Karen Macneill.

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The initial goal of this tour for me was to get a better feeling of the area and to determine
if Natalia could ski it either in BC skis or cross-country skis. I think the descents are
a little steep for cross-country, so this might be a next year trip. This is at the top of
Boulder Pass with Cam Henderson in the mid ground. The terrain was pretty simple with
very little avalanche exposure, so it was a good route choice for the conditions.

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This is Jen Simpson and Karen making the approach up to Boulder Pass. It's worth noting that
even with >150 cm of accumulation, the top of the pass was exposed. Do you think it's windy?

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Gord and Cam at the top of Deception Pass. The visibility had gotten worse and I think
the winds were up to 50-60 knots. Definitely goggle weather. I think the view from here
would have been pretty good looking down into the valley where the Skoki Lodge is, but we'll have
to wait for the next trip to see it.

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Here's Ken Lee getting ready for the (short) descent back to Ptarmigan Lake. A shout out here
to Ken's determination. While the rest of us got to the base of the lake and quickly put our
skins on (because the wind was pushing us back), Ken had the grit to just keep on skiing without
putting skins first. A further side note though that Ken was our only telemark skier (along
with Chris who had equipment issues) and therefore might not actually count. :) Just kidding Ken!

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Joe "I feel like chopped liver because you didn't take my photo" Johnson. Okay, okay, I'll take
your photo too. This is also at the top of Deception Pass.

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Karen graciously invited us over for dinner after our great day of touring. This is possibly
the nicest home I've ever been to. I told Ken to pose "as though you belonged in this kitchen."
Of course, the first thing he grabbed was the wine. A side note that there were TWO ovens and
a beer DRAWER in the kitchen!

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I specifically asked Karen if I'd be a creeper for touring myself around her parents' house.
She said no, so I took that to mean go around and take photos too. This is me in the office
upstairs. The grandeur of this office suggested that the person sitting at the desk would
have to be lording over mineral holdings in South America or something. Thanks again Karen
for the great dinner and hospitality!

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