As always, this year we tried to extend the climbing season until the very end. November found
Portland in the middle of some pretty nice weather, so we packed up and ran out to Smith Rocks.

Here is our Access Fund babe, Kellie Rice. In Kellie's spare time, she saves the world from
hiking and climbing trail destruction. She also climbs some mean rock and teaches physical
education in Beaverton's school system.

Here's a shot of Laurie Hotovy getting ready to knock out some hard stuff. As usual, it
took some serious arm twisting to get Laurie to join us, but once outside, she had a blast.
The moral of the story is "ALWAYS LISTEN TO PAUL!"

This is Amanda Hoffus' first appearance on paulsadventures. She's a new addition to the Stonework's
climbing crew, coming to us from the land of milk and honey, that's right, TISDALE, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA!
She's a natural climber, and here she is leading up a 5.10b (that's only her second lead ever by the way...)

Here's a video clip of Amanda talking about her big lead like it was a cake walk: Amanda Hoffus

Kellie belaying in the cold ("Why are we in the shade when it's sunny over there???)

Me, hanging out trying to find the sack to lead License to Bolt .

License to Bolt is a seriously tough 5.11c on the Phoenix Buttress,
which has been under-rated for almost 8 years now, when the crux holds broke off.
We elected to top rope this instead of leading it, and still got our asses handed to us.
After a severe ego-beating, I finally got through the crux, and finished this route. This will have to go onto
next year's tick list.

A nice view of the Morning Glory Wall, the Christian Brothers Wall, and the Dihedrals, the main climbing area at
Smith Rocks State Park, Oregon.

After Paul Dehaan beat on Gumby, Jordan Disko cleaned the route. He's here hanging
out in the sun, working on his tan.

Laurie Hotovy decided to make this trip an historic occasion, as she redpointed her first lead,
Five Gallon Buckets. Kudos to Laurie!

I gave my camera to Paul Dehaan to take a few nice shots for Laurie as she led for the first time. This is one

And this is another. That's Laurie in the foreground.

Naturally, I took some video of Laurie's reaction to her first lead, Laurie's first lead

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