For the Labour Day Classic this year, we decided that the Smith Carnival was going to be too much of a carnival
and so we all gathered our passports and headed up to Squamish, BC. Good times ensued.

Jeff Hemphill was fortunate enough that his wickedly awesome girlfriend (who baked us cookies AGAIN!! YAY, Lisa rocks!) let him
join us for our Squamish fun. This is he, at the bottom of a climb in Cheakamus Canyon, BC.

Jeff and Jason chilling under the single pitch fun of The Crest at Cheakamus.

Me hanging out at the same spot.

A super-good 5.11A that I led here is called Currently Coagulating . It was short, but sweet, and
can be found in The Crest area as well.

One of the great things about my friend Avie is her lust for life. YAY AVIE!! Way to be you!!

On the Main Event wall at Cheakamus, we worked the classic 5.10c Kigijushi. This is Avie reaching
well past the point of no return to clip a bolt. Avie, could you have reached that without having the draw
clipped already?? :)

Avie on the same route attempting the highest high step in history. She didn't make the move, but wound up
totally beating up the route.

Jason led up a super awkward 5.11a called Mother's Milk . My balls were smaller so I only top-roped it,
but I top-roped it cleanly.

Good shot of Avie, showing the height and shape of Kigijushi.

The Main Event wall.

Avie and Jason in front of Shannon Falls. There is actually climbing to the immediate right of the falls on the
very obvious crack to the right of the lower falls. We wound up getting rained out only for half a day of the
entire trip, which isn't that bad at all. We wound up bouldering the morning, and then went to Whistler for the

So, part of the reason that I dislike bouldering is that you don't ever really get anywhere. It's more like the
snowboard park of the climbing scene. The other reason I don't like it that much is because I suck. Now, this is
a shot of Paul Dehaan having almost as much difficulty as I did on this problem. It's called Easy in an Easy Chair
and I couldn't even make the first move. Paul D did much better though.

Well, I did make the first move, but I only stuck it long enough for Jeff to snap a shot.

On the other hand, some people love bouldering and rock at it. On this same problem, the infamous
Chris Otzenberger not only onsighted the tough V4, but added a tougher variation going right over the top.
Epic spot by Paul Dehaan as well.
Video is right here. CLICK HERE for AVI

This is Kim completing another bouldering problem that I couldn't get. It's called Backtrack I think,
and goes at V2. You know that scene from Happy Gilmore when he's minigolfing and can't putt the ball into the
windmill and the clown keeps laughing, and Happy goes, "Yeah, he's laughing, he's having fun!" That emotion is
what I experience constantly when I'm bouldering. Alas, I do it quite infrequently.

After bouldering on our rain day, we took the opportunity to drive up to Whistler. For all of us except Jason,
it was our first time, and for Jason, it was his first time without a dislocated hip. I got the clowns here to pose
in front of a really odd-looking lady at the restaurant. I'm not sure what the costume is all about, but we all
had a good laugh.

Fun sign we found in Whistler.

Partying at Squamish! We got rip-roaring out of hand for my good buddy Paul Dehaan's 25th birthday.
It's not every day you turn a quarter of a century after all.

The first bar we wanted to go to, the Brew Pub, was closed on the Saturday night in question for a really lame
wedding. Instead, we took the dozen or so of us, and added the 15 or so people from Tacoma we had bouldered with
earlier in the day and took over the only other bar in the city. We convinced them to open up the karaoke machine
and that was the beginning of the end. Here are Paul and Ha getting down with a great rendition of Footloose .
Hear the rendition of it here: FOOTLOOSE by Paul and Ha

As the night wore on, the two sides (Tacoma and Portland) both worked together, as in this wild medley
of Welcome to the Jungle, brief clip of the song here: Rough G 'n R track
and also wound up bitterly opposed, as we wound up having a Song-Off (more on this later).

This is the face of someone who loves to sing. This is the face of someone who doesn't mind singing in public.
This is the face of someone who's had one too many on their 25th birthday. By the way Paul,
did anyone tell you about the gay line your hands shouldn't get above while on the dance floor? :)
Paul Dehaan, Sept 4, 2004.

Chilling at the Squamish bar. That's Juan with the video camera. He's in the process of making a movie, and I'm
almost scared to think what from this night will wind up in that film.

Some of the posse keeping it real. From left to right is Ha N (no comments as to why he's on his knees),
Chris Otzenberger, Juan Rodriguez, and the birthday boy, Paul Dehaan.

So, not only did the Tacome kids join us in singing karaoke, but so too did the locals. This guy hopped right up
on stage and belted a few real kickers out to the crowd.

This is Spencer and Kim's friend Katie, right before she got completely embarassed by our drunken singing shenanigans.
She's a load of fun, an engineer after all, and a good sport for letting us give her a hard time.

Katie subsequently got put in a chair and placed in the centre of the dance floor while Paul and Ha grinded her to
the tune of Sexual Healing .

Um Paul, I'm not sure how much sexual healing is contained in that thing, but you may want to cut back on the dose.


This is Paul Dehaan showing us some more "sexual healing" CLICK HERE

Paul and Ha trying their best to do a "The Night at the Roxbury" to Katie. Way too much fun guys.

Ha, Paul, and I taking the standard picture (camera in one hand, buddies in the other). This is a great
happy picture of Paul, and I think the expression on his face expresses how much fun he had on his birthday.

I don't remember at all what we were singing here, but I know that I thought I sounded amazing.

Something that I discovered while in Squamish is that my friend Jeff is a dancing machine! I mean, you just can not
keep the guy off the dance floor. Here we all are in a circle on the dance floor, and Jeff is putting on a clinic!
I mean, normally when this happens, everyone takes their turn at putting a little move sequence together and then backing
off to their respective spots in the circle. Well not Jeff. Jeff took those move sequences, linked them together,
and made a V10 problem out of them. Go Jeff Go!

Anyone who's spent a few drunken hours at a bar that has karaoke with me knows that I love to sing
You've lost that lovin' feeling to whomever happens to seem to need it. Well, in my estimation
on the 4th of September in Squamish, Katie had lost that lovin' feeling. So naturally, I took to my best serenading,
and along with way too much help, proceeded to let her know it.

"I get down on my KNEEEEEESSS for you, budoompt, budoompt, budoompt..."

Way too much inside her personal space, but also way too funny.


Video of the serenade of Katie CLICK HERE

The crowd appreciated so much the fact that Katie sat through all of this in good spirits that they lifted
her off in her chair and paraded her around the bar. The rest of the night got really hazy, and that's all
there is to say about that.


This is Paul Dehaan putting an honest effort in as the bar is closing.
Dude, did you see her making out with her boyfriend earlier in the night?? CLICK HERE

Back to a little bit more climbing

Me (Paul Perrault) leading Up From the Bog at Murrin, BC.

Anyone who thinks I look like a doofus in this picture is totally right. But anyone who has been 15 feet
off their last piece, and the last piece is a double 0 cam knows the feeling I'm having just before I get to the
top of the pitch. That look also says, "Oh crap, this spot EXACTLY takes a number 1 BD Camalot...
the same BD Camalot that I have only one of, and the same BD Camalot I already used." I did lead the pitch
and red-pointed it though.

This area in Murrin has got to be the world's shortest hike-in. Seriously, that's Gloria in the foreground
and Avie and Jason in the background. The climb is called Up From the Bog and goes at 5.8

Avie working the same problem, but right near the top of the crack.

Jason selecting protection on Veils of Illusion , a fun 5.9 next to the Bog.

Just up the trail from The Bog is an area called Brunser. This climb is called Sunny Boy, and it
was an interesting 5.10a mixed slab route that made my bum pucker as I placed my feet onto nothing holds,
and frantically slapped the rock for friction.

Jason Stowers in dire need of a haircut. I actually have a running offer from his mother to cut his hair one night
while he's sleeping. I'm sure a lot of ladies would kill for those curls ... FOR THEIR OWN HAIR!! :)

Yeah, you'd think I'm placing an excellent piece of pro, and know what I'm doing...

Until you see how close to the ground I actually am. Yes, I'm a wienee and still learning trad. Yes, I know that
piece will do exactly nothing for me, and yes, I will actually place every piece I see room for, even if that is
every three feet. The climb is called Holiday in Cambodia on Block and Tackle in Murrin, and goes at 5.8.

An old girlfriend of mine bought me this helmet when I first started getting into climbing again. She's now married
and living another life, but the helmet is still protecting my melon. Even if it is a little goofy-looking, thanks Michelle.

Great shot of Jeff and I outside the Co-op in Mount Vernon. This is actually on the way to Squamish, but I thought
it capably finishes this section.

Jeff Hemphill going for a HUGE dyno at the Bouldering area in Murrin.

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