A few of the boys and I travelled out to Kananaskis to celebrate me for my
bachelor party. Here are some photos and videos. Apologies to the innocent
as well as anyone viewing this since I have a lot of photos of Kelly.

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After an unbelievable time watching the Pens win the Cup on Friday night at the Stoney Nakoda
casino, we continued the party by setting up camp at the Sundance Lodges camping area in K-country.
Much mayhem ensued. Saturday morning, we got ourselves out of bed and drove the couple of minutes
up to Wasootch Creek to show the guys all about rock climbing. Here's Kelly Reitenbach and Matt
McNabb getting ready for the huge hike in (about 5 minutes). A special shout out to Matt for
driving the extremely boring drive from Saskatoon to be here for the event. Also, thanks to Kelly
for traveling home from Alaska in time for it.

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Here's Jason Stowers fresh off the plane from Oregon, ready to do some climbing. Props to Jason
knowing that he left his wife and baby to make the tour north.

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Kyle Dobson also joined us on Saturday morning and took part in the festivities.

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Here is Kelly climbing a trad route. Please notice how new his shoes and harness look (as well as the
helmet, chalk bag, etc...) Thank you to the BMW-driving poker player for the free money that Kelly
used to buy his new climbing gear.

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Yes, Kelly, I am going to comment about how gay your chalk bag looks. I think Kyle noted that the
pattern is similar to a bathing suit his girlfriend owns. The really funny part is I told Stowers
to go find the gayest chalk bag he could find at MEC and this was the one Kelly liked the most.

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I'm not sure what I got on my lens here, but this is a shot of Kelly pulling over the difficult roof.

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And here's the celebration afterwards.

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An idea how high this climb was.

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Another shot showing B slab from a distance and Kelly at the anchors.

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Matt's unbelievable natural climbing ability earned him a special nickname. Although Matt
doesn't want me to list what that name is, the theme song sounds like this "Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does
whatever a Spiderpig can...". As a side note here, Kyle was a trooper as his shoulder popped
out and yet he still climbed another route. Nice work guys for your first day out!

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Our next stop was to the Kananaskis golf course which Kelly booked in March. Wow, what dedication
to the cause! I took this photo for Natalia since it reminded me of the bird that ate her cookie
at Lake O'Hara - HERE

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Here is Jason Stowers, enjoying the view and the great day at Kananaskis Country Golf Course.

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I'm not sure what bird this is, but it was chasing us around the course. As a side note, because
I was still recovering from a shoulder injury in an April hockey game, I swung really lightly
which it turns out is the way to golf - I shot the lowest score in my life - 90 - and played the
same ball all day!

Videos of golfing:

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We went back to Wasootch for a few more climbs but Matt and Kyle had to make it home earlier.
Here, Kelly is getting ready for a stiff 5.8 slab climb that I called out as being "definitely not
5.8". Jason is belaying him with his trademark yellow helmet.

Video of Kelly getting ready to climb:

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Kelly taking a breather.

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Close-up of Kelly.

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A shot from the creek bed showing Jason belaying and Kelly climbing.

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I climbed up the side of the crag to get a better shot of Kelly trying out his new harness.

Video of some serious grunting:

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"To infinity and beyond!"

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Kelly at the top of the 5.8 slab climb.

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A close-up of Kelly getting ready to rappel.

Video of Kelly talking about his success:

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Kelly quickly learned that his shoes needed to be tighter. This is him climbing on another
5.8 climb with socks stuffed in the back of his shoes. Good thing that MEC has a satisfaction

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He almost looks like a real climber here - - - other than the gay chalk bag...

Video of Kelly apologizing for grunting:

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Kelly at the top of his 5th climb of the weekend.

I want to thank all the guys for taking the time to make my stag a great weekend. Thanks also
to the guys who wanted to make it, but couldn't pull it together. See you all at the wedding
in 5 weeks and counting!

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