Thanks to my friend Brian Mantel's insistence that I join the 3rd annual TITS trip
T3ktron!x Intelligent_Engineers Trip for Skiing, I managed
to get more ski days in this year skiing the best powder I've EVER seen. Seriously, it was a
6 foot powder day the Friday we were there. Just tremendous snow and good guys to hang out with too.
Some of these pictures and videos are courtesy of Gene Markozen.

This was a picture I took from the inside of Brian's gigantic extra super-huge Expedition to try to
give a sense of the sheer amount of snow that the Kirkwood area got the days preceeding our visit. We were
actually not able to get into the Kirkwood ski area after driving 12 hours from Portland
(avalanche risks 3 measly miles from the resort), so we sat and waited, with the expectation that they HAD to
be opening the pass at SOME time. Sadly, the pass didn't open that night, so we spent 7 hours hanging out watching
DVDs in Brian's truck until we finally decided to give up and sleep in Jackson, CA.
The next morning, we promptly got up at
5 am (the highway hotline said the passes were closed, but Kirkwood information line said it would open for 9 am),
and drove THE LONG WAY AROUND (extra 150 miles) so that we could still ski our money's worth. We learned how to
take off and attach tire chains (even on Ted's Acura!) like nobody's business! The moral of the story is that the
good people at Kirkwood are always right, and the California Highway Patrol hotline voice recognition system
licks my balls.

A blurry picture of the people on the TITS trip, from left to right, me, Brian Mantel, Ted, Gene, Devin, Mike,
and Kevin. Moses is the only person missing.
This was taken from the top of the back side of Kirkwood ski area, right near the Sunrise quad chair, just before
we went jumping cornices.

Great picture from the top of the Cornice Express chair looking at the top of the mountain. Just a perfect day to ski!

Skiers and boarders hiking to the top of Thimble Peak. In my defense (for why I wasn't among them), the snow
was absolutely fantastic everywhere, and I hiked and skied that trail last year. It's quite the hike!
There were quite a few people looking at the untracked stuff up there, and then looking at the hike, and
finally, this tiny little girl starts busting through 6 foot drifts to get up there and everyone else closely
followed. You go girl!

The view from our condo on hill. The only thing that Whiskey Towers is missing is a hot tub. Fortunately
we were able to get our hands on a key to other accomodations with a hot tub room! Yay Paul!

Even though I've only skied a handful of Tahoe resorts, Kirkwood gets my stamp of approval for the
great snow conditions, the high quality of the skiers there, and the relaxed feel that the whole place has.

Not a great picture, but it's intending to show the amount of snow we got ON TOP of the 6 feet from the

Here is Mike showing just a bit of snow on hill as we ski through a little gully.

Ted is helping Brian get out of the trees. 6 feet of powder is pretty fantastic, until you fall in it and lose
your skis. At that point, it becomes a mad dive trying to track them down so that they won't still be there next
season. Thanks to all of the guys for making sure I came home with my skis. A little note for anyone who hasn't
skied on a powder day: TIGHTEN YOUR BINDINGS! And also, tie some bright pink tape to them.

Going up the "The Wall" to pound out some great turns in the fresh stuff. Most of the stuff off this chair
is pretty treacherous normally, but with stupid amounts of snow, you simply couldn't hurt yourself!

Yours truly, posing at Kirkwood with a new goatee. Comments? Good or bad on the goat? Email to Yay or Nay on the goat?

Here's Ted giving the camera the big smile.

A notable roadside attraction in California.

More of the same.

I thought this was awesome. If you look closely, you'll see an entertaining moving company name.
I bet they get a lot of repeat business.

The whole crew hanging out in our condo.

And now it's time for the videos! Some of these are avis, and some of them are quicktime. Download free viewers at
Quicktime or Realplayer.

Ski Videos from the 3rd annual TITS trip!

Devin launching a great jump and losing his toque
This video is sideways, so either put your laptop sideways, or your head to look at it.

Powder skiing through LOTS of powder!

Yours truly bombing through powder!

Ted dumping in the powder on The Wave

Brian getting one turn in on good snow

Mike getting some turns in

Devin Bingham falling after 2 secs

Me having a quality fall

Brian starring in the lamest ski flick ever

Hopping small cornices, with a giant crevasse in the way

Jumping a big rock, this is also sideways
Brian is the one with the girlish scream. I'm the one who lost both skis.

Me doing a little hopper right by the chairlift

Tied with Brian's previous lame ski flick
Brian actually had to go back and hit this jump properly just so he didn't leave anything on the hill.

Teddy doing a little daffy
You can hear the chairlift goons enjoying this.

Mike hitting the same jump with some stank on it!
Way to go Mike!

Devin doing a double daffy
This would've won jump of the trip except for my double somersault bail on the back side

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