My good friends Jason Stowers and Avie Meadows took their spring break down in
Bishop, CA and area. On the way home, Jason's brother and I flew into Reno and
we met them to ski in the Lake Tahoe area.

This is the view of Lake Tahoe from our hotel. This is in the northern part of the lake, on the
California side.

Jason's brother Adam at the base of Squaw Valley on day number 1.

The always-fun Avie Meadows.

Since I spend an obscene amount of money on my REI credit card every year, the good folks there give me
a substantial dividends. This year, I got some brand new skis for free, and the trip to Tahoe was their
maiden voyage. I'm posing here like I'm a racer so that Rossignol gets their money's worth from my

Since the car was uber-full, everytime we stopped to get our gear out something would always fall. The
reason that Jason seems so happy right hear is because he just discovered that the last item to fall
was his boots and they fell into a puddle. Sorry dude!

Here is Adam, doing what we wound up doing a lot of - waiting for Jason...

On the top of one of the peaks at Squaw Valley. Squaw is an excellent place to ski and I would highly
recommend it, except for the extremely high lift ticket price, and I'm sure it was busy on the weekends.
Thankfully, we got northern ticket packages (saving money), and we skied Squaw on a Friday.

The kids looking down towards the lake. We were lucky to get absolutely amazing weather. So much so that we
(except Jason) got a solid sunburn.

This may rank as my new favourite picture of Jason. I was trying to convince Jason and Adam that they can ski
anything if they set their minds to it. The snow on Jason's beard came from totally eating it up in the powder

Squaw Valley hosted the VIII Olympic Games.

A shot out towards Lake Tahoe taken through Jason's polarized shades.

Day 2 took us to Alpine Meadows. Avie was scared in this picture that she was going to slide down the
other side of this slope so she refused to turn around. Incidentally, Avie also decided that she should
change her first name to "Alpine" and then she'd own this resort.

I don't know what Adam was looking at here.

Yours truly looking out onto Lake Tahoe.

Same shot, but now I'm a hero.

So, courtesy of a $70 one-way Southwest ticket and a busy flying weekend, I joined up with Jason and Avie
to drive home from Reno. Here, Avie stole my camera and took pictures.

The crazy driver in the front seat.

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