I had the good fortune of being able to tag along with Keith and Ron on my new skis.
We went up to the Tilly Jane cabin (north side of Mt Hood) and then up to the snowfields.

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Here's Keith a little ways up the 3 mile approach to the Tilly Jane cabin. We were able to
put our skis and skins on at the parking lot near the ski area. Not bad for early April. It'll
definitely be a good spring season in the backcountry. That's Rokita along with Keith.

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Here is Ron, sweating buckets on the way up. Apparently, hot-boxing plus beer at a Mariner's
game makes for a tough morning on the snow.

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This was my first trip to check out Tilly Jane. I had been up there before, but had never actually
seen the cabin. Here are ski tracks off the roof of the cabin.

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Ron and I having a great morning. Yes, you can make fun of Ron's bonnet. Apparently, he misplaced his
other toque. I will have to admit though, that you can make fun of Ron over the bonnet, but I almost
didn't make it up the mountain since I actually forgot my brand new skins on my garage workbench.
Only through the good graces of Keith's friend (thanks Joe!) was I able to track down a set of skins
in Hood River.

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Keith and his dog, Rokita. Rokita is 9 months old and had more than enough energy to join us for
the day. However, Rokita also slept the whole way home in the back of my car.

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After about 2 hours of skinning, we finally got out of the trees and into the snowfields. This is
just above the Tilly Jane cabin.

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We spent quite a large amount of time wandering above the tree line as a certain someone was
convinced that there was a stone hut there, "it's got to be here SOMEWHERE!". Sadly, we didn't
find it (my guess is it's still buried), but we did get up to almost 8000 feet and got some
good snow on the way down. This is Ron just before we headed down the mountain. And yes,
you can poke fun at the bonnet some more.

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Having found the most wind-blown, most icy patch on the mountain, Keith took this opportunity to
hang out and take his skins off.

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Ron on the way down. After the white-out near the top of our climb, we were quite glad for even a
small break in the weather.

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Me, enjoying a great day on the mountain. Note the brand new MEC bibs that I had to go to Bermuda to
pick up (Thanks Nati and no thanks to MEC!)

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Keith and Ron (with Rokita behind them) on the ski down.

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Good view from the mountain looking out to Mount Adams (somewhere behind the clouds).

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I don't normally like pets at all. They smell, they get into things they're not supposed to, they eat
things they're not supposed to. However, seeing Keith skiing down Hood with his dog at his heels
made me understand a little about why people in the Northwest seem to take their pets EVERYWHERE with them.

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