I managed to work a trip to Toronto into my work schedule to hang out with my buddy Dave Pryor,
catch a few World Cup of Hockey games, and hang out in my home country. Forgive the excessive amounts
of video and audio, but I was REALLY excited to be at the World Cup.

Since I had never climbed on limestone, Dave took me out to "Old Baldy" up near the Bruce Peninsula, a
few hours from Toronto. This is the view from the top of a 5.10 we did.

As it happened, it was also the weekend of the World Cup of Hockey semi-finals. Dave and I rushed back into
the city, with the thought that there might still be tickets. Not only were there tickets, we bought 5th row
seats from scalpers for 1/3 of the face value since the game had already started!! That's right, for $100 CDN
I got to see Canada's best defeat the Czech Republic!!

That's Jagr the whiner in the middle, number 68. Did I mention that this was the view from my seats??!!

View into Air Canada Center (also from my seats...) Do you think I dialed a "I'm somewhere cool and you're not"
call to Mr Kelly Reitenbach?? OH YEAH!!

Some multimedia

A little bit of the game for those who didn't get to see it. Click for video

The sounds of a hockey game when Canada is playing: Click for audio clip

Quick video of Dave enjoying a game of hockey, just after Canada scores: Click for video

The scene after Mario scored: Click for video

Announcer announcing the Mario goal: Click for audio clip

In between the second and third periods, there were goalie races with each goalie wearing a country's jersey
from the World Cup. This is the German goalie calling me on: "SCHEIZE!!"

Video clip of the goalie races. It got a little savage out there: Click for video

Dave and I at the Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario. You couldn't ask for a better day: climbing and hockey
with a good buddy.

Me right by the ice before the third period started.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I look like an idiot in this picture, but guess what? That's Mario Lemieux and Joe Sakic
and they're in a picture with me, not you, ME!

Mario working the puck in the corner.

The game-winning goal, scored by Vinny Lecavalier in OVERTIME!! Click for video

After Canada beat the Czechs, you see here one of the great traditions of hockey, the handshake.

This is Dave and his present girlfriend. She's unhappy with him at this point because he said something stupid.
Shocking isn't it? Or, maybe it was me calling her Steph that got her upset...

The next day, we both got up and got out to Mount Nemo to try some other limestone. This was mostly trad
and was a little less chossy than Old Baldy, although I have serious issues with leading trad on Ontario
limestone. This is Dave's buddy running up a great warm-up.

Dave Pryor of Melbourne, Australia. This was the first time in all the time that I've known Dave that
he's actually been working legally.

So, my friend Dave is a bit of an ass. For instance, when I ask Dave, "How hard is this climb?", Dave
responds without fail, "Ahh, it's 5.10a for sure, not harder than that." I found out after I got down from
this little excursion that I was falling off a 5.12c roof. This picture is after I fell for about
the 10th time.

This is Dave's buddy, whose name escapes me, but who looks a little light in the loafers here. Dave's buddy
left a little early from Mt Nemo to get back to the city, and left Dave a little "gift" on his windshield. It was
a nice way of saying, "Thanks for waiting for me in the parking lot Dave since I had never been to this crag before
and didn't know the way." It's tough to convey that message with flowers.

Dave Pryor gazing yearnfully into the distance as the sun sets on Mount Nemo.

Dave and I at Mount Nemo, 12 Sept 2004.

Dave, after finding his little "present"

For the final game, I stalked the Air Canada Centre trying to get tickets at a reasonable price, and finally
wound up paying a stupid amount of money for a junk seat. As I was trying to weasel the scalpers, I ran into
Julian from Trailer Park Boys. If you don't know who Julian from Trailer Park Boys is, you're missing out in
a very serious way. Go HERE to find out more. The funny
part was that he sounded just like he does on TV: "You f'in dicks, which f'in gate are you AT!!!"
He just didn't have a rye and coke in his hand.

So, I got considerably worse seats for the finals, but it gave me a chance to see another part of the Air
Canada Centre, like the banners hanging from the roof.

Canada versus Finland in the World Cup Final match. Here they are getting things started.

Me, celebrating a great goal by Canada.

Mario Lemieux skating around the Air Canada Centre with the new World Cup, an odd-looking thing by Frank Gehry.
Of course, Canada won the final game and now currently holds all three major hockey trophies, the World Cup, the
Olympic gold, and the World Championships.

Team Canada posing for a photo with the trophy.

More multimedia from the World Cup Final game

Fans cheering for Canada Click for audio clip

The countdown to the end of the third period Click for video

Announcer announcing the World Cup First Team All-Stars Click for audio clip

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