Here are some photos and video from my friend Brian and I skiing at Tryst Lake
in Kananaskis Country in Alberta.

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After talking about it for months, Brian and I finally got to do some ski touring together.
Since it had snowed a bunch in the last few days, we decided to go check out Tryst Lake.
Here's Brian with his tele-sticks as we're leaving the car. One nice thing about spring touring
is that the sun is up before I am, even on early days!

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Here's Brian on the skin track going up the gully to Tryst Lake. If you look really hard, you
can actually see my car!

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Here's Brian rounding the steep corner on the approach skin track.

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Here are the Tryst Lake Chutes, just below the Fist. They were unreal snow conditions today!

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On the way up for our first lap, I dug a little in the snow. Finding the melt/freeze crust wasn't
hard at all as it was almost 1 cm thick! It was pretty solid density from this point and below though.
The melt-freeze crust slid with a hard compression 7.

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Here's our first chute of the day. Check out the snow!

Video of Brian coming down chute 1

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Brian exiting the first chute.

Video of Brian coming down chute 3

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