Kevin Darland and I went to New York to watch the US Open in late August 2002.

Anna Kournikova pictures!!

What can I say? That's her serving.
You can just make out the super short skirt she was wearing for this match.
Needless to say, there were a lot of catcalls from the crowd at Arthur Ashe stadium.

That's Anna at the net with Martina Hingis behind her.
Drunk Guy 1 from the crowd: "HEY ANNA, YOU'RE HOT!!"
Drunk Guy 2 from the crowd: "HEY MARTINA, YOU'RE KIND OF HOT TOO!!"

More of Anna. Photo credit to Kevin Darland.

More of Anna. Kevin claims she looked RIGHT at him as he took this picture. Photo credit to Kevin Darland.

More of Anna. Photo credit to Kevin Darland.

Here you get a better look at Anna's outfit. Notice the difference in
vantage point of the cameraman. In order to get to this level, the
photographer (me) had to make up a story about a lost little girl in the
corporate seats so I could get down to court level. Yes, I know I have no shame.

So this is the front row of Arthur Ashe stadium. This is me and Anna Kournikova.
I have a picture of her and I and you don't. Eat it.

Check that. I have TWO pictures of me and Anna.

And one picture of Kevin in heaven with Anna.

The rest of my US Open pictures

This is me and my buddy Kevin enjoying the Capriati match from the 3rd deck. It's a long ways up.

The view from the Ashe stadium as the sun set in Queens, NY.

This is Martina Hingis hitting practice balls.

So Sergio Garcia (of PGA fame) is dating Martina Hingis. Naturally, he would
come to watch her perform.
Drunk Guy 1 from stands: "WAY TO GO SERGIO!" (since he is dating Martina)
Drunk Guy 2 from stands: "WAY TO GO ENRIQUE!" (since he is dating Anna K)
Needless to say, the stands were almost as much fun as the match.

Marcelo Rios of Chile playing his third round match. He retired after 2
sets complaining of an injury.

Wayne Ferreira is one of tennis' great ironmen, having played almost forever.
I think he made it to the fourth round and then got knocked out.

Daniel Nestor is currently Canada's best tennis player. Here he is serving in
a second round match with his doubles partner Mark Knowles.

Venus Williams is a very large black woman. She freaked this guy out and she
hits the ball a ton. She lost in the final to her sister in straight sets.

This is me in front of the largest tennis stadium in the world.
It really sucks watching matches in here if you're in the 3rd deck. Louis
Armstrong is a way better place to watch.

Misc pictures of New York

This is where I exited the freeway. I think Hell Dance should be held here sometime

This is Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan. It's difficult to express the emotion of
the site. I visited Manhattan in summer of 2001 and actually went up the World Trade
Centre, so it was strange seeing the vacant holes.
My earlier trip to New York
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