So, I went hunting around for Canucks tickets back in February
as a way to reward myself for finishing my grad class. It took a
lot of web searching, but after a few Ebay misses, I got some sweet tickets. It just so
happened that the very beautiful Miss Natalie Jackson is living in
Vancouver right now, so she accompanied me for her first NHL game ever!

Here's Natalie with her fresh new haircut, posing in front of the Vancouver
Steam Clock in Gastown. It's in this part of Vancouver where Natalie's architecture firm is.

I thought this sign was entertaining. I suppose everyone's language could use
a little repair job.

Here is Miss Jackson with the Vancouver skyline in the distance.

Here are the signs that Natalie and I painted for the game. Guess which hack job is mine
and which one Natalie painted...

Natalie and I prior to the big game. I'm pretty sure I was the only
Penguins fan in all of BC that night.

Natalie at GM Place, showing off our signs hanging from in front of our seats. I'm pretty sure
we were on Hockey Night in Canada, and I sure hope Hrudey and MacLean saw my sign.

Natalie and I at the game. I was pretty happy with the seats: first row of the "McDonald's level".

By some strange twist of fate, my good buddy Erik Olson ended up in Vancouver on the same weekend I was
there, so we got to hook up for a little drinky-drinky. Here is Erik, our friend Chrissy Lambert
and boyfriend, and Natalie. This was at a hockey bar near GM Place. The bartenders had shirts on
that said "In Todd we trust". I tried buying one, but they wouldn't sell.

Good ol' Erik and I.

So, in order for Erik to make it to Vancouver, he had to drive to Calgary to catch a flight. Now, most
normal people would give themselves around 6 hours (it's about 600 km) and not worry about it too much.
Not Erik. Erik decided to do the trip in under 4 and a half hours. He learned a few things though in his
speed ride: the windshield wipers on an Eagle Talon rip off once you hit ~200 km/h. Nice job buddy!

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