In January 2004, I went to Las Vegas, NV for the Consumer Electronics Show.

So, my cousin Kali's grade 5 class had a project in geography. They were to make a sock puppet
that they sent to their family. Then, the family members write stories about the things that their
sock puppet did and they send postcards from wherever they are. Then the class learns about the different
parts of the world. I took "Sparky" with me to Las Vegas and took pictures of him in action. Here, Sparky
brings the house down by gambling on the slots. Note that these are penny slots. This is at the Excalibur.

Here is Sparky the dog enjoying the hospitality of the Excalibur dragon.

More Sparky with the dragon.

Sparky riding horses at the medieval-themed Excalibur casino.

Sir Sparky the Brave.

If you neglect the roller coaster and the actually polite people here, you could almost imagine that this is
midtown Manhattan and not the New York, New York casino.

Better view of the NY casino. Pretty awesome actually.

A look down the "Strip" of Las Vegas. The MGM Grand casino on the right is the largest casino in
Las Vegas with more than 6,000 hotel rooms. You can also see the Eiffel Tower of the Paris further down the Strip.

Woman with Yellow Hair by Pablo Picasso at the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum at the Venetian casino.

This is in the conservatory at the Bellagio casino. The Bellagio is by far the classiest casino in the city.

I found the M & M World store on the Strip in Vegas. I took this picture for my friend Troy Martin. I presume
that his first born will be clothed in one of these outfits.

This is the vast array of colours in which you can buy M & M's. I pointed out that they spelled colour wrong
on their sign but they wouldn't listen.

Red Rock Canyon, NV

The famous Juan Rodriguez, climber of 5.12 rock. Juan was living in Las Vegas and took the
opportunity to climb with me for a few hours in the morning.

The beautiful Red Rock Canyon, just west of Las Vegas, NV.

Juan is investigating the rock trying to see what to warm up on. We wound up choosing a 5.10d, but not
really on purpose.

Here is the big man getting his shoes on while enjoying the sun of the low desert in January.

Not surprisingly, this canyon gets the Paul Perrault thumb of approval.

Yours truly doing what I hate most about climbing: cleaning a route.

A great shot of the moon just above the canyon.

Once again, I got stuck cleaning because Juan was leading like a savage.

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