Since my current digital camera is enjoying a little "time off", I picked up a
waterproof camera for some fun in the water. My girlfriend Natalia flew in to
celebrate the end of her summer work term and so we went surfing and whitewater

Surfing with Joe Yi and Natalia Lynn July 2005

This was Natalia's second trip to the Oregon coast. Having been a little frightened by the
riptides last time, Nati was excited to have something that actually floated. She's a little
unhappy here because she thinks she looks dorky with the hood on (she's right!).

My sales guy Joe Yi actually came out to the coast with us (we were working you see...) and he took
this picture of Nati and I prior to getting in the water.

Natalia was the only one of us smart enough to take gloves as well. The water temp had changed significantly from
the last time I was in the water, going from 62F in June to ~ 50F by July.

Joe is actually a pretty good surfer, having spent quite some time in Hawaii. The surf was much smaller than
expected, but he still managed to enjoy it and teach me a few things.

Natalia also wound up being a quick learner and by the end of our morning session, she was getting up
pretty regularly on her knees. The next step is to get to her feet!

Rafting with the Rock Squad July 2005

I decided (with some prodding from my friend Ross) that it would be a good idea to do another white water rafting
trip. Last year's crew was stoked for another night of debauchery at the Rainbow Tavern and then a solid day of
boating and gallivanting in the Deschutes River. This year's crew added Natalia and a few others of Ross's friends.
The total list of people were: Me, Natalia, Jeff Hemphill, Lisa Hansen, Saul and Willie, Jordan Disko,
Chris and Keri Gorman, Paul Dehaan, Allison Vaneerden, Juan Rodriguez, Amanda Hoffus, Ross Segelken, Larry Wickstrom,
Carl Marshall, June (sorry June, I don't know your last name!), Kari Wolfe, Doug Gastich, Adam Lake, and Stacey Chin.
I split up the crew into 3 7 person boats and here you see some of my boat. Ross and Larry captained the other two.
Thanks again for a great trip everyone!

Here is Ross assuming the captain's duty in his boat.

Here is Natalia looking lovely in her life jacket.

This is Paul Dehaan ready to engage our boat for some heavy-duty Battle Royale water fights.

Allison and Ross, just a little bit wet.

That's Paul Dehaan and I having a picture contest. Natalia is in the middle with a high class high quality
Rainier beer. Did I mention that these boats came with built-in coolers?

Some of the members of my boat. From left to right (in case you need it), Natalia, Saul, and Willie. We
stopped to have a bite of lunch and warm up since we were pretty soaked from the all-out water war that was engaged
on the Deschutes that day. Saul and Willie serenaded us in Spanish as we made our way down the water.

When we got to swimmer's rapids, we landed the boats and swam down. This section of the river bottom is
surfaced by unbelievably smooth rocks so people just float down the rapids with their life jackets on.
Willie and Juan are pictured just after we jumped in (and just before Willie almost floated right past the
rest of us after the rapids!) Good thing Jeff helped pull him out. Way to go Jeff!

One of my favourite people in Portland delighted us by joining in on the rafting action - Jordan Disko!
Here he is casually sauntering down the Deschutes in his life jacket.

Natalia and I posing for the camera. I got a bit of a water spot on this one.

Natalia after a fun afternoon of rafting. Again, I got the water spot here. I suppose waterproof cameras
are only good if you can get the water off the lens afterwards.

For some more professional-looking shots from our rafting trip, check out Ross' website here: Ross' website with Maupin pics

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