Our friends Scott and Amy were kind enough to invite us along on their vacation to Windermere, BC.
Here are some photos of this gorgeous area.

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Our friends Scott and Amy have a very cute little man named Martin. Henry and Martin are about 1 month apart
and here they are having a stare-off.

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Check out the giant smile on this Party Marty! What huge Gerber baby eyes he has!

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Scott and Brock and I went for a drive up to Spilli to check out a crag there we hadn't climbed at (well Brock had).
We got lost enroute (of course) and then went a different way. This is the smallest deer I've ever seen
crossing the road near Invermere.

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So, since we weren't sure we were going to find the crag, we stopped at a trailhead and hiked the 20 minutes
to the Little Bugaboo Falls area. This is the water course that starts near the Kain hut.

Video of the area around Little Bugaboo Falls

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We did finally find the crag. Here is the two-pitch area called Hueco Wall, due to the cool dolomite
limestone formations.

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Here are Scott and Brock enjoying the view up to the crag. Not a terrible view to the back of us either.

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Here's the guide we snagged from a kid from Invermere.

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Description of the climbs. Step 1, of course, is finding the place.

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On the way back to the house, we stopped in Invermere for some cinnamon buns. Yummy! Any bakery with a golden
pretzel out front is in my good books!

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A cute photo of Brock and Kristen's little guy - Ben, along with Lucy (Scott and Amy's daughter). It was
actually really cute seeing the two of them interacting. Ben was acting like her chauffeur and protector.
Really cute.

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Natalia found black market pie (coconut cream) and brought it with us to Windermere. Here she is eating the pie
in the hot tub!

Video of the Baby Standoff

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We spent a nice sunny morning exploring the private beach on Windermere Lake. This cabin area has their own
trampoline and balloony thing for running on and Scott wanted to show Lucy what it was all about. When they
got to the trampoline, Lucy decided she wanted nothing to do with it. The water for June 1 was probably the
warmest lake water I've been in for June.

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The view from Windermere Lake. Not terrible for sure.

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Ben and his Mom Kristen enjoying the trampoline.

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Amy, Lucy, and Martin playing in the sand. Those babiator glasses are pretty cute!

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Another really cute photo of Ben, this time with his mom Kristen.

Videos from trying to run on the trampoline balooney thing
Scott 1 - This was Scott's second attempt and it didn't go well

Scott 2 - Scott getting hit in the Mommy Daddy button

Paul 1 - My first attempt falling off the trampoline

Scott 3 - Scott falling off the trampoline from the water

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