A few fall hikes/scrambles in the Rocky Mountains, Oct 2015

Hiking Mt Lawrence Grassi

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Carl and I took advantage of the nice weather and took a stroll up Mt Lawrence Grassi. Here's
the old man looking back towards Banff.

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As we started to get above the treeline, there were nice views to be had back towards Goat Pond.

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There's definitely a decent amount of broken rock on the way to the summit of Grassi.
Again, Carl and I were lucky to get good weather for this ascent.

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Some interesting colour along the ridge line as we made our way to the summit.

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I convinced Carl to buy an ice axe, but I still can't convince him to get a helmet yet. So,
instead he's wearing my old one, which is a long ways from manly.

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We found a decent amount of snow in the shadows towards the summit.

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Carl on the summit of Mt Lawrence Grassi.

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Looking down at the town of Canmore.

Video of the look around from the summit

Pigeon Mountain

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I wound up with some spare time at a conference in Banff, so with Sulphur Mountain closed, I went for
a quick summit up Pigeon Mountain. These sheep were the only animals I saw on this tour and they
eyeballed me as I went past.

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Looking down across the Bow to the Lafarge plant and their new crazy dome.

Video of a look around from the summit of Pigeon Mountain

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A cool look from the summit. I wound up running down from the summit since I was going to be late
for dinner, so I finished the whole hike in under 3 hours car-to-car. Definitely a fast day and my
quads and IT bands hurt for 3 days after this.

Scrambling on the Squaw's Teet

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Carl and I tried to get one last hike in before the end of our season. We elected to go up a
subpeak of Mt Charles Stewart locally called the 'Squaw's Tit', mostly since Carl liked the name.
The bottom of this hike needs some serious 'lady-scaping' though as it's all bushwhacking.

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Carl enjoys being up and on trail early and this day was no exception.

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After a couple of hours of mostly thrashing in the trees, we finally got up to ridge line,
and were able to get a glimpse of the summit block. It's pretty shear dropping off to the left side
of this photo.

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Here's Carl descending one little feature along the route to the summit. That's the tail end
of Mt Rundle visible over Carl's shoulder.

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How pretty is this ridge? Although there was a lot of loose rock on top of actual rock making
this hike a bit treacherous, the vantage point was pretty sweet.

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A look at the summit block. The scramble route goes around the back on the left side here
making it far less steep than it appears.

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Here's a look at Carl going up the obvious trail.

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Here's Carl on the last push to the top. That's Mt Charles Stewart behind him.

Video from the top of Squaw's Tit

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Carl coming back down from the summit. There was a bolt here and I could see how a bit of ice/snow
would make this sketchy.

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I will definitely NEVER do this route again, mostly due to the terrible bushwhacking at the beginning,
but also the relatively poor trail throughout the route. Having said that, being on a nice section
of rock after summitting something always puts a smile on my face.
Since this is likely my last scramble of the season, my full elevation gained this year came in
at just over 11800m, although that's only what I counted using my Garmin VivoActive.
I'd like to hit 20km next year so that's a decent goal.

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