I finally did a little scanning to digitize some pics I had around.

Jordan and Deb Disko and I went to see Citizen Cope at the Doug Fir one night this fall. On the
way home from there, we stopped at Bossanova to check the place out and wound up with some of the
most fun pictures I have from a vending machine.

This is some of the Rock Squad from Stoneworks, just before Ian Caroppoli as well as Ramona Astor, Tony and Ramona
went their respective ways. My mom took this picture (thanks Mom!). Parents always have a way of saying, "C'mon
and take a picture!" You never really want to, but you thank them afterwards. This is one of those times. From
left to right, Amanda Hoffus, Ian Caroppoli, Paul Dehaan, Allison Vandermeer (just kidding - Vaneerden), Paul
Perrault, Ross Segelken, Larry Wickstrom, Chris Otzenberger, Jeff Hemphill, Lisa Hansen, Erin Gentry, Luke Smith,
Heidi Smith, Keri and Chris Gorman, Tony Astor.

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