Some of my friends have started sending me pictures of themselves doing the
Paul Perrault thumbs up pose in a variety of places, as well as photographing
mullets and funny signs.

A quick eye from my buddy Tim Day caught this sign. He's not sure what they do,
but does it matter? This sign doesn't have a thumbs up, but it's funny.

This is a shot of one of my friends - Mr T. "I pity da fool who doesn't give this movie
a thumbs up!" Picture courtesy of Jeritt Kent

This is a brand of milk that Nate West found in Shanghai. In his words: "there is a milk
from New Zealand called "Paul's Milk" I drink it on a regular basis because Chinese milk is
not good. Please see attached. I'm told that Paul's milk is the richest in Calcium, and Protein.""

I cut this out of the Economist. This is the new French president, M Nicolas Sarkozy and it
made me laugh.

A definite shout-out to Mr Cam Baker - my favourite Saskatchewan government employee. It was nice
of the Blue Jays to pose with Cam.

This is Cam's wife - Veronica - showing her stuff at the SkyDome. Thanks Vanessa!

This picture comes courtesy of John Frieh, a climbing friend of Jason Stowers. I don't know whether
he understands the "thumbs-up" idea, but this is still pretty sweet. The rock behind his finger is
called The Finger of Fate and is in southern Idaho in the Sawtooth Range.

I think this is my new favourite Matt Harms picture. Love the Habs jersey!

Matthew Harms in Hawaii.

My buddy Robin Speer with Corn Cob Bob.

This is my friend Stephanie Dorenbosch dressed up in a Diggers outfit and salutes the Canadian flag.

More saluting from Steph - "Diggers".

Feel free to send me more pictures of you doing the "thumbs-up" pose. Return to picture index