Here are some of the pictures I have gathered in the last little while:

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2022 pictures

Thomas the Train and Flames v Oilers game 1

Walter's bday party and Cremona Aggie Days

Last skiing of the season, April 2022

Skiing and skating with the boys and Carl/Wendy to visit, April 2022

Skiing at Taylor Lake and Nak - Paul, March 2022

Skiing at Nak with the boys March 2022

Skiing with the boys Feb and early March to Castle, March 2022

Skiing at Swift Creek with le Ski Posse, Feb 2022

Skiing at Whistler, Nakiska, Cochrane, Feb 2022

Going up the Calgary Tower, Feb 2022

Skiing Kenny's and Wolverine Ridges, Jan 2022

Skiing and skating with the boys, Jan 2022

Skiing Surprise Pass with Andrew, Jan 2022

Ice hiking in Jura Creek, Jan 2022

2021 pictures

Our formal fall photos 2021

Christmas in Cochrane, Edmonton, Red Deer, Dec 2021

Hanging out in late December in Cochrane, Dec 2021

Photos and video from Natalia's phone, Dec 2021

Crazy Carl and I in Winnipeg, Dec 2021

Heli skiing at Eagle Pass with Jim, Simon, and Marc, Dec 2021

Hanging with the boys, Nov 2021

Halloween and spending time with my Mom, Nov 2021

Hanging out in Cochrane and going to the Corn Maze, Oct 2021

Riding bikes at BMX and Buffalo Bean, Sept 2021

Camping at Sandy McNab and summiting Holy Cross Mtn , Sept 2021

Cousin time at Calaway Park, Sept 2021

More mutton bustin' and Labour Day, Sept 2021

Camping with friends at Boulton Creek, Aug 2021

Mutton bustin' at the Cochrane Ag Fair

Climbing Tombstone Mtn with Graham, Aug 2021

Elbow Lake camping with kids, Aug 2021

Quick trip to Saskatoon, Aug 2021

Camping at Old Macdonald Farm, Aug 2021

Climbing Little Sister with Levi, July 2021

Hanging out with the boys, July 2021

Climbing the Wedge with Crazy Carl, July 2021

Lake Louise with the family, July 2021

Elkwater with Nati's family, July 2021

Visiting my Mom and others in Sask, July 2021

Climbing Wind Mtn with Graham, June 2021

Camping with the boys in Drumheller, and hunting for dino bones, June 2021

Camping with Walter, funeral in Sask, Walter riding his bike, June 2021

Quick run up Black Rock June 2021

The boys playing in later May 2021

A fail on Holy Cross and a win on Mt Bryant, May 2021

Photos of the boys biking and hanging out, May 2021

Walter's 4th bday and other photos, April 2021

Summiting Wendell East Peak with Graham, April 2021

Graham and I skied the Spray Range Traverse, April 2021

The boys skiing, playing outside, and at the rec centre, April 2021

Easter photos and some shots from Henry's school, April 2021

Skiing Hero's Knob and COVID Couloir, April 2021

Hiking with Dan early season on Midnight Peak, March 2021

Outdoor time with the boys, March 2021

Skiing at Sentry with le Ski Posse, March 2021

Skiing and sledding with the boys, Feb 2021

Skiing Commonwealth Peak and Hog's Back with Louis and Graham, Jan 2021

Playing outside with the boys, later Jan 2021

Outdoor snow activities with the boys, and a tour with Jim, Jan 2021

Skiing into the Chickadee Valley with Louis, Jan 2021

2020 pictures

Chilling with the boys over Christmas break, Dec 2020

Christmas, COVID style, Dec 2020

Henry's birthday, and playing in the snow, Dec 2020

Our Christmas photos for 2020

Skiing Surprise Pass with Andrew, Dec 2020

Hitting the Zoo and skating with friends, Dec 2020

Skating and sledding with friends, Nov 2020

Playing in snow with friends and Hallowe'en, Oct-Nov 2020

Playing in the snow at Thanksgiving, Oct 2020

Climbing Mt Fable with Andrew, Oct 2020

Visiting with Grandma G, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Oct 2020

Scrambling Mt Lorette with Dano in the gale force winds, Sept 2020

Calaway, Heart Creek, Boulton Creek, Rawson Lake, and Troll Falls, Sept 2020

Labour Day in Red Deer and hanging with the kids, Sept 2020

Scrambling Mary Barclay's Mtn with Crazy Carl, Sept 2020

Scrambling Shunga La She with Dan, Sept 2020

Camping at Elbow Lake, year 2, Aug 2020

Weekends with kids in August, 2020

Family time at Elkwater, and Dinosaur Prov Park, Aug 2020

The Glasgow-Banded Peak Traverse with John, Aug 2020

Henry and Walter at the new Launchpad bike park, Aug 2020

Camping at Marble Canyon with toddlers, Kootenay NP, Aug 2020

Camping at Old Mac, Grace comes to visit, and Jura Creek with toddlers, Aug 2020

Seeing baby chicks in Water Valley, July 2020

Doing the Lorette-Skogan-Gilligan-McGillivray Traverse with Louis, July 2020

Hiking Ship's Prow in July 2020 with Maria

Photos from bike riding in Calgary, COVID time at Calaway, and canoeing Forget-Me-Not, July 2020

Scrambling Middle Sister with Brian, July 2020

Camping, canoeing, Banff, and Canada Day, June 2020

Canoeing with the boys, and Collembola with Dano, June 2020

Some fun outings in June, including Belmore Browne with Dano, June 2020

Hanging with the boys, going to Drumheller, June 2020

Hanging with the boys in May, hiking with Bob, May 2020

Photos from canoeing and Henry's Saturn V rocket in Cochrane, May 2020

Weeks 4-7 of quarantine, and Walter's bday, April 2020

Kids hanging out, March 2020

Our family photos during COVID isolation, March 2020,

Skiing Hero's Knob, and hiking with toddlers, March 2020

XC skiing with the boys on a Daddy weekend, March 2020

Skiing with Kevin and Luca, March 2020

Grace comes to visit, March 2020

Skiing with Henry and Walter, along with Whitefish with cool kids, Feb 2020

Visiting Toronto for a wedding anniversary, Feb 2020

Skiing at Swift Creek Hut with Le Ski Posse, Feb 2020

Henry and Walter in January in Cochrane, Jan 2020

Skiing around Purple Knob with Louis and Graham, Jan 2020

2019 pictures

Family photos in Red Deer, Dec 2019

Red Deer and Edmonton in the Christmas season, Dec 2019

Christmas photos and videos, Dec 2019

Joshua Tree and Palm Springs with the family, Dec 2019

Hanging and skiing with the boys, Nov-Dec 2019

Our fall photo shoot, Nov 2019

Skiing Highwood Pass with Graham, Nov 2019

Henry and Gracie at the Science Centre, the library, and the zoo, Nov 2019

Henry and Walter in Cochrane in Oct 2019 for Hallowe'en and Science Centre fun

Henry and Gracie at Calaway, Oct 2019

Climbing Rimwall Summit, Sept 2019

My 40th birthday party, Sept 2019

Hanging with the boys, Sept 2019

Boys Weekend at Emma Lake, SK, Sept 2019

Labour Day Rodeo, Parade, Henry's first day of school, Sept 2019

Red Deer for Jack's bday, Loder Peak, Aug 2019

Backpacking with Five Year Olds, Aug 2019

My mom's birthday, Jeff and Lisa visit Canada, and Jordan's celebration of life, Aug 2019

Climbing Storm Mtn with Graham, Aug 2019

The boys hanging out in Cochrane Aug long weekend, and some outings, Aug 2019

The world lost a great human - Jordan Disko, Aug 2019

Camping at Old Macdonald Farm with friends, July 2019

Another Sask road trip including Red Deer, Lloyd, Waskesiu, Saskatoon, Ponteix, Swifty, July 2019

The boys at Calaway, and for Canada Day in Cremona, June 2019

Climbing Bluerock Mountain with Graham, June 2019

Visiting the Tyrell Museum and camping in Drumheller, June 2019

Grace comes to visit and the boys in May/June 2019

A quick run up West Baldy, June 2019

Walter's 2 year photo shoot, May 2019

Our backyard project, May 2019

A quick zip in K country and Chiefs weekend, May 2019

Easter, Walter's birthday, and Luc's first Flames game, April 2019

Paul and Allison's visit, quick trip to Saskatoon, and hanging with the boys, March 2019

Some of my favourite Grandma Banda photos, March 2019

Mixed bag of Henry and Walter and Grandma Banda's 94th bday, Feb 2019

Skiing the Birdwood Traverse with Louis, Jan 2019

Photos and videos from Cochrane and Paul to CES, Jan 2019

2018 pictures

Christmas with the boys and in Canmore, Dec 2018

The best photos from our Maui trip, Dec 2018

Our vacation in Maui, Dec 2018

Our fall Christmas photo shoot, Nov 2018

Random photos in October and November, 2018

Photos of Henry and Walter, Sept and Oct 2018

Henry and Walter photos, early Sept 2018

A climb on Heart Mountain with Dan, Aug 2018

Group camping at Old Macdonald Farm, Aug 2018

Climbing Mt Rae with Crazy Carl, Aug 2018

Hanging with Dad, other Cochrane time, Aug 2018

Family 'cabining' at Elkwater, Aug 2018

Lougheed peaks 1, 2, 3 with Graham and Louis, Aug 2018

Erik is finally married!, July 2018

Canada Day, RVing, 50th anniversary of BIll and Eileen, Sask visiting

Some fun outdoor Daddy time, July 2018

Scrambling Storm with Graham, July 2018

Boys weekend in Elbow, SK, July 2018

The happiest place on Earth, June 2018

Some hikes in Alberta, Yam, Limestone, Heart, June 2018

Grace goes to Calaway and playing in Cochrane, June 2018

Walter and Henry formal photos, June 2018

Sask fun road trip, May 2018

Walter's birthday, April 2018

A mixed set of Henry and Walter photos/videos, along with skiing Sunshine, April 2018

Henry and Walter at Easter, cross-country skiing, April 2018

Skiing Town Gully with Louis and Graham, April 2018

Henry and Walter at home, and at the zoo with Kale for his bday, March 2018

Skiing Purple Bowl at Louise with Craig, March 2018

Henry and Walter in Cochrane, March 2018

Skiing Tryst Lake Chutes with Dave, March 2018

Walter and Henry going to the science center and cousin time

Skiing Purple Knob with Lou, and other Paul photos

Henry and Walter in Cochrane, Feb 2018

Cat skiing at Great Northern, Feb 2018

Hanging with Henry and Walter in Cochrane, Jan 2018

Logan's baptism and Saskatoon visiting with my Mom for the 'break'

2017 pictures

Christmas photos from 2017

Fun photos around Cochrane Dec 2017

Fun photos from Palm Springs Dec 2017

Skiing Hero's Knob with Graham and Dave Dec 2017

Mixed bag photos Dec 2017

Family photos from Walter's 6 month photo shoot

Skiing with Maria and Michael, Dec 2017

Henry's birthday and fun photos, Nov 2017

Skiing Mt Arethusa early season, Nov 2017

Grace visits Cochrane

Hallowe'en Fun in Cochrane

Hanging in Cochrane in Oct, trip to Saskatoon for Boys' weekend

Calaway Park with friends, Red Deer, and Banff, Sept 2017

Sask Road Trip Page 2, Sept 2017

Sask Road Trip Page 1, Sept 2017

Cochrane Rodeo, Sept 2017

Walter's baptism in Cochrane, Sept 2017

Henry and Walter photos from Nati's phone, Red Deer visiting, Aug 2017

Cascade and Yam, Aug 2017

Kurt's wedding, visiting in Red Deer, climbing the Heart Line with Levi, Aug 2017

Climbing at Guide's Rock with Levi and Karl/Donni visiting, July 2017

Family Camping at Ol' Macdonald Farm, July 2017

Bell Route on Nanny Goat and Calgary Zoo with Aunty Lulu, July 2017

Hanging out with my Mom and some Stampede photos, July 2017

Henry and Walter in June/July 2017

Calaway Park with Grace and other photos, June 2017

Walter's newborn photo shoot, May 2017

Our new family of four, May 2017

More Walter baby photos, May 2017

Welcome to Walter James, 30 April 2017

More Henry photos in April

Henry's last month as an only child, Easter, and Grandma G

Henry photos from March 2017 and some older ones too

Skiing Burnie Glacier Chalet, March 2017

Skiing Whitefish with the Barneys, March 2017

Henry playing with his cousins, Feb 2017

Henry skating and skiing around Valentine's Day, Feb 2017

Downhill Skiing with Henry for the first time, Jan 2017

Las Vegas for CES, and extra Christmas photos, Jan 2017

2016 pictures

Christmas in the Coch, Dec 2016

Hanging out in Cochrane in Dec 2016

Our mini-vacation to Edmonton, along with some Boston photos, Dec 2016

Some nice family photos taken at Glenbow Ranch PP, Nov 2016

Henry hanging in Calgary, hike up Wasootch, Nov 2016

New Hot tub, Hiking Tiara Peak, Nov 2016

Scrambling Rundle, Mary Barclay, and hanging at the Symposium, Oct 2016

Henry and Daddy's Bachelor Weekend, Oct 2016

Hanging out in Calgary, Oct 2016

Carl and Paul scrambling on Grotto, Sept 2016

Henry in Sask, at the zoo with Grace, Paul in Collingwood, Sept 2016

Cochrane Fire fighters pancakes and summiting Mt Temple, Sept 2016

Tour of Alberta, Labour Day parade and rodeo, Sept 2016

Camping, Grace at Calaway, cousins at Calaway, Aug 2016

Camping, visiting with Paul and Allison, and going to the zoo, Aug 2016

Scrambling Bow Valley, Aug 2016

Some of Nati's iPhone pics Mar-Aug 2016

Grace and Henry at Calaway, Climbing Mt McGillivray with Dan and Carl, July 2016

Climbing Grand Sentinel with Levi, July 2016

Family camping at Old Macdonald Farm, July 2016

Summer Vacation road trip through WA, OR, BC part 2

Summer Vacation road trip through WA, OR, BC

Working in Toronto, Muskokas, June 2016

Camping, Boston, North Carolina, Saskatchewan, May/June 2016

Henry camping and hanging out, April/May 2016

Scrambling and hiking in Alberta, April/May 2016

Henry photos and an early season hike, April 2016

More Henry photos with Grandma G, Mar 2016

Henry photos and vids Jan-Mar 2016

My trip to Kokanee Glacier Lodge, March 2016

Henry at Cochrane Winterfest with Grandpa Carl, March 2016

Visiting with Earl, Amie, Grace, and skiing KHMR, Feb 2016

Skiing at Nakiska, Sunshine, Fernie, Feb 2016

Some Henry photos/video, Feb 2016

Ski touring on Hilda Ridge and Chester Lake, Jan 2016

Photos and Video of Henry in Jan 2016

Skiing Taylor Lake with Dave and Kyle, Jan 2016

Skiing Storm Mountain with Graham, Jan 2016

2015 pictures

Christmas in Sask, Dec 2015

Photos from Natalia's phone for Nov and Dec 2015

Hanging out with Daddy for a week, and up to Henry's bday, Dec 2015

Some fun photos from November in Calgary, Nov 2015

Videos from Natalia's phone for all of 2015

Natalia's Henry photos Part 1, Nov 2014 - Feb 2015

Natalia's Henry photos Part 2, Feb 2015 - July 2015

Natalia's Henry photos Part 3, July 2015 - Sept 2015

Natalia's Henry photos Part 4, Sept 2015 - Nov 2015

Hallowe'en fun times in Cochrane, Oct 2015

Corn Maze, Thanksgiving, hiking with my mom, Oct 2015

Scrambling and hiking in Alberta, Oct 2015

Hiking at Nihahi, Heart, Sept 2015

Henry photos and video - Aug/Sept 2015

3rd Annual Riderville - Sept 2015

Hiking and Scrambling with Carl - Sept 2015

Hiking Mt Lougheed and Big Sister, Aug 2015

Carl and I on Mt Lady Macdonald, Aug 2015

Natalia's aunt Nina's birthday, Aug 2015

Perrault Family Photos, July 2015

A quick hike up Loder Peak (not really), Aug 2015

Touring the Maritimes, Aug 2015

Grandma G's birthday, July 2015

Camping at Gull Lake, July 2015

Stampeding in Calgary with Danny and Henry, July 2015

Hanging in Dublin, more Henry photos, and Stampeding with my mom, June-July 2015

Wedding in Cochrane, camping in K-country, and trip to Ottawa, June 2015

Henry's trip to Sask, Paul climbing in Banff, May 2015

Calaway Park with cousins, May 2015

LOTS (warning it's long) of photos of mostly Henry, May 2015

Henry at Easter, and Surprise Pass, April 2015

At Kale's bday party, Easter pics, and at Cochrane pool, March/April, 2015

Skiing into Lake O'hara, March 2015

Some random BB photos Dec 2014-March 2015

Hiking on Yam with Scott, Henry, and Martin, March 2015

More photos from Fairy Meadows, Feb 2015

Skiing at Fairy Meadows, Feb 2015

Skiing-ish at Mt Baker with Paul and Ross, Feb 2015

Skiing and hanging with Jason S, Jan 2015

Ski trip to Whitefish, Jan 2015

New Years at our house, Jan 2015

2014 pictures

Christmas in Nanaimo with the Lynn family, Dec 2014

Henry's first haircut and first birthday, Dec 2014

Natalia's Christmas photo shoot, Nov 2014

Photos from my BB, Nov 2014

Grace's baptism and Henry's bday, Nov 2014

Our little pumpkin at Hallowe'en, Oct 2014

Cute photos from the pumpkin patch, Oct 2014

Random photos from my BB, Oct 2014

My birthday and Thanksgiving, Oct 2014

Henry at a Flames game, Vikings, and Calaway Park, Oct 2014

Henry in Cochrane and at the zoo, Sept 2014

Hiking Prairie View Viewpoint, Sept 2014

Lynn/Haak wedding, Sept 2014

Cochrane Rodeo, Calaway Park, and hanging out in Cochrane for Labour Day, Aug 2014

Nati and Amy at Shadow Lake Lodge, Aug 2014

Jeanna and Louis' wedding - YAY!, Aug 2014

Henry's first camping experience, Aug 2014

Visiting Nanaimo, and Jen's wedding in GP, Aug 2014

Henry's formal 6 month photos - warning - Cute!, Aug 2014

Visiting PA and Perrault family camping, July 2014

Climbing Achilles Spire with Scott, July 2014

Henry during Stampede time, July 2014

Henry photos from my Blackberry, Invermere, hiking with Carl, eating, July 2014

Hanging out with Maria in Cochrane, June 2014

Henry in the pool in Cochrane, June 2014

Photos and videos from Henry eating solid food, June 2014

Photos and video from Landon's 2nd birthday, June 2014

Photos from vacationing in Windermere, BC, May 2014

Photos from California, May 2014

Karl practicing with his new camera, April 2014

Henry's baptism, April 2014

Some of my photos from Henry's baptism day, April 2014

Skiing with Scott on Storm, April 2014

More Henry photos, April 2014

More NYC photos with Henry, April 2014

Misc photos of skiing, Avie, Boston, NYC, April 2014

More photos of Henry in Sask and PHX, March 2014

Photos of Henry with family and friends in Sask, March 2014

Some misc photos from Feb 2014

Some photos of our house being built Dec 2012-Oct 2013

Photos of Hilda Hut, Feb 2014

Some casual hangout photos with Henry

Formal photos from Henry at 6 days old

2013 pictures

Formal photos from Natalia's maternity shoot

Some informal photo shoots done with Henry, Dec 2013

Christmas visiting with Henry, Dec 2013

Welcome to our new baby - Henry Andrew, Dec 2013

Skiing with Tommy and folks, Nov 2013

The Riders win the West Final, Nov 2013

Misc photos from my BB, Sept-Nov, 2013

Ski touring early season in Cochrane, Nov 2013

Chilling in Portland with our friends, Oct 2013

Visiting in Sask in Oct 2013

Hiking up to Abbot with Dan, Sept 2013

Some fun times watching a Riders game in Sask, Sept 2013

Hanging out with Nati in Prince Albert, Kananaskis, Kelowna, Sept 2013

Hiking up to Chester Lake with Dan and Nati, Aug 2013

Hiking in Glacier Montana, Aug 2013

Climbing on Mt Sir Donald with Scott, July 2013

Climbing in the Bugaboos with Jason, July 2013

Hanging out in Squamish with Donni and Karl, July 2013

Some photos from my BB in June/July 2013

O'Brien Wedding and Ireland training, June 2013

Visiting with Nati's family, June 2013

Fun photos from my BB in May 2013

Photos from San Fran, Luc's visit, Britain, May 2013

Some random photos from my BB Sept-April 2013

Sking Mt Field with Graham and Mark, April 2013

Skiing Tryst Chutes with Brian, April 2013

Skiing Crowfoot with Nati, March 2013

XC skiing with my wife in K country, March 2013

Ski touring with Graham, Dave, Andrea, March 2013

Ski touring with Jason in the Rockies, March 2013

Skiing in Whitefish, MT with friends, March 2013

Skiing with the Barneys in Utah, March 2013

Skiing at Red and Whitewater, Feb 2013

Skiing with friends in KHMR, Feb 2013

Backcountry Skiing at Icefall Lodge

A couple of ski tours with the Browns

Vacation in Palm Springs with Denis, Leah, and Luc

2012 pictures

Skiing at Revelstoke with Jeanna and the Browns Dec 2012

Christmas with the Lynn family Dec 2012

Misc BB photos Oct-Dec 2012

Skiing Surprise Pass with Graham, Dec 2012

My Mustache photos from Movember 2012

Gingerbread Decorating Party, Dec 2012

Mo Gala, Skimo race, and AST2 in Roger's Pass, Dec 2012

Ski touring near Rae Glacier, Nov 2012

Misc Blackberry photos from Sept-Oct 2012

The Halkirk Oyster Fry, Oct 2012

Thanksgiving in Swift Current, Oct 2012

Visiting Calaway Park with Matt and Nic, Sept 2012

Photos from hiking up Ha Ling Peak, Sept 2012

Photos from the Golden Triangle, Sept 2012

Family camping, Waterton camping, Aug 2012

Photos from my BB this summer, Aug 2012

Climbing in Bugaboos, Aug 2012

Backpacking in the Skoki area, Aug 2012

Hiking in the Highwood area, July 2012

Denali National Park, July 2012

Cruising Alaska part 2, July 2012

Cruising Alaska with Natalia, Renée, and my mom, July 2012

Scott's birthday, Nanaimo, and Calgary Stampede June-July 2012

Calaway Park, Nanaimo, Kananaskis, and the Stampede from my BB

Riding bikes in Drumheller, June 2012

Some photos from my BB April-June 2012

Visiting family in June 2012

Skiing Surprise Pass with Louis

Skiing Sunshine with Louis, Vermilion with Scott, April 2012

Visiting my nephew Luc in Swift Current, April 2012

The Chiefs playoff run, April 2012

Glorious sunshine at Whistler in March 2012

Skiing at Fernie, Cypress, Lake Louise and Hanging in Calgary, Feb-March 2012

My photos from skiing Powder Creek, March 2012

Everyone else's photos from Powder Creek, March 2012

Skiing and partying at Whitefish, MT, Feb 2012

Skiing Whistler and Shadow Lake Lodge, Feb 2012

Skiing Red Mountain and Whitewater, Feb 2012

Some fun photos from my BB, Feb 2012

Michele's photos from KHMR, Jan 2012

Skiing at Purcell Mountain Lodge, Jan 2012

Visiting Kauai, Hawaii, Jan 2012

Visiting Kauai, Hawaii, Dec 2011

2011 pictures

Christmas in Saskatchewan, Dec 2011

Photos from visiting Portland in Dec 2011

My first Jets game Dec 2011

Photos from Gingerbread 2011 and visiting the Sabans

More photos and video from my BB, Dec 2011

My 2011 Movember Campaign, Dec 2011

Misc photos from my BB, Nov 2011

Visiting in Sask, Nov 2011

Hiking and climbing in K-country, Nov 2011

Hiking into Elk Lakes, Oct 2011

Biking in Colorado, Sept 2011

Hiking, Backpacking, Canoeing, and Paragliding, Sept 2011

Pickling and Rafting, PA and Calgary, Aug 2011

Our China Tour Page 1 - Hong Kong to Guilin, July 2011

Our China Tour Page 2 - Guilin to Yangshao, July 2011

Our China Tour Page 3 - Hanging out in Xian, July 2011

Our China Tour Page 4 - Traveling to Chengdu, July 2011

Our China Tour Page 5 - Onward to the Yangtze River, July 2011

Our China Tour Page 6 - The Three Gorges Dam to Shanghai, July 2011

Our China Tour Page 7 - Touring Suzhou and Hangzhou, July 2011

Our China Tour Page 8 - Touring Shanghai, Aug 2011

Our China Tour Page 9 - Touring Tibet, Aug 2011

Our China Tour Page 10 - Touring Beijing, Aug 2011

Touring Vancouver Aquarium, Aug 2011

Hanging with Lulu in Calgary/Banff, July 2011

Photos from Danielle and Dalen's wedding, July 2011

Hiking with Gibb in Canmore, July 2011

Some photos from Calgary, Banff, Ponteix, and Toronto, July 2011

Photos from Seattle visit with Paul and Allison, June 2011

Vegas photos and vids, June 2011

Grand Canyon photos, vids, June 2011

Photos from my BB in May/June, 2011

Hanging out with Donni and Karl in Victoria, May 2011

Photos from Natalia's dance and Radium with G'ma May 2011

Photos from my BB from March - May 2011

Photos from Turin, April 2011

Photos from Milan, April 2011

Skiing the Haute Route part 1, April 2011

Skiing the Haute Route part 2, April 2011

Skiing the Haute Route part 3, April 2011

Skiing in K-country and Molar Meadows, March 2011

Some random BB photos from Jan - March 2011

Visiting Annie in the Yukon, March 2011

Heritage Classic Weekend, Feb 2011

The Ice Magic Festival, Jan 2011

Skiing with the Sabans at KH, Jan 2011

Ice climbing at Wedge Smear, Jan 2011

New Year's in Sunshine, Calgary, Jan 2011

2010 pictures

Christmas with the Lynns, Dec 2010

Pre-Christmas Celebration at our house, Dec 2010

Gingerbread Contest 2010, Dec 2010

Ice climbing at King Creek, Dec 2010

Some mustache photos, Nov 2010

The Riders win the CFL West Final, Nov 2010

Visiting with Allison, Tamaya, E, and Avery, Nov 2010

Some photos from my BB from 2010

Talladega Super Speedway on Hallowe'en, Oct 2010

Luc's baptism, Florida, Oct 2010

Carl Lynn visiting Calgary, Oct 2010

Camron's wedding and Nanaimo for Thanksgiving, Oct 2010

A couple of photos from my birthday, Oct 2010

Visiting Bavaria and the Black Forest, Sept 2010

Visiting Munich with my wife, Sept 2010

Visiting northern Ireland with Steve Ranta, Sept 2010

Visiting Ottawa with Jason Leuschen, Sept 2010

Fishing with my Dad and Erik Olson, Sept 2010

Biking the Columbia Icefields, August 2010

Dan's photos of the Icefields, August 2010

Niagara Falls and Saskatoon, August 2010

Baby-palooza in Oregon, August 2010

Maria's b-day, Stampede, Meghan's wedding, climbing, July 2010

Saskatoon and Kelowna with Nati, June 2010

Vegas baby yeah! June 2010

Climbing and hiking in the Ghost, May 2010

Paul, Rene, Marc, and Kevin in Pittsburgh, May 2010

Some photos from Fort Collins, skiing, and Erik, April 2010

Natalia and I in Italy, April 2010

More of Natalia and I in Italy, April 2010

Cinque Terre, Italy, April 2010

Natalia's mom and sister opening presents, March 2010

Rest in peace Kelly Reitenbach - Tribute to a good friend

Ice climbing and skiing with Jason, March 2010

Skiing in the Selkirks, March 2010

Olympics Day 2 in Vancouver, Feb 2010

Olympics Day 1 in Vancouver, Feb 2010

Skiing the Birkie and Marmot, Feb 2010

Natalia and I at the Ice Carving Festival in Lake Louise, Jan 2010

The photos from our wedding book, Jan 2010

Some misc photos from my phone through the fall 2009 to Jan 2010

Denis' big adventure in Calgary, Jan 2010

2009 pictures

Visiting friends in Portland, OR, Jan 2010

Skiing with Natalia at Black Prince, Dec 2009

Watersliding for Natalia's birthday in Saskatoon, SK, Dec 2009

Christmas at the Perraults in Prince Albert, SK, Dec 2009

Christmas at the Lynns in Saskatoon, SK, Dec 2009

Gingerbread House Contest in Calgary, AB, Dec 2009

Grey Cup 2009 in Calgary, AB, Nov 2009

My Movember Mustache, Nov 2009

Hiking in New Hampshire, Nov 2009

Hockey in Chicago with Carl, Nov 2009

Hallowe'en photos, Oct 2009

Watching the U2 concert, Oct 2009

My birthday, Thanksgiving with Denis, hiking, Oct 2009

Climbing, hiking, and camping in Alberta, Sept 2009

Climbing in Skaha, BC with Erik, Natalia, and Victoria, Sept 2009

Hiking in the mountains, Aug 2009

Honeymoon part 2 in Maui - Page 2, Aug 2009

Honeymoon part 2 in Maui - Page 1, Aug 2009

Honeymoon in Europe - Belgium Page 2, July 2009

Honeymoon in Europe - Belgium, July 2009

Honeymoon in Europe - Paris Page 2, July 2009

Honeymoon in Europe - Paris, July 2009

Boating pre-wedding, July 2009

Some photos from our wedding, July 18, 2009

Photos from Renée's wedding, July 4, 2009

Visiting with Carolyn and Forbes, July 2009

Lake O'hara with Carl Lynn for Father's Day, June 2009

My Bachelor Party in K-country, June 2009

Some of Matt's photos of my stag, June 2009

Penguins v Red Wings game 1, May 2009

Climbing and hiking, May 2009

Visiting San Fran, May 2009

The Flames first home playoff game, April 2009

Random photos from March and April 2009 from my phone

Photos of Portland and Vancouver, April 2009

Pics of Erik Olson skiing and Avery's birthday, March 2009

Pics of Shaun and Mark and I skiing in BC, March 2009

Pics and video from Battle Abbey, Feb 2009

Short video from skiing chutes at Kicking Horse, Feb 2009

Touring around Skoki, Jan 2009

New Years at Whitefish, Jan 2009

2008 pictures

Christmas with my family, Dec 2008

Touring around Fortress Mountain, Dec 2008

Snow, baking, and gingerbread, Dec 2008

Ice climbing in the Rockies, Nov 2008

Visiting in Edmonton, Canmore, Banff, Oct and Nov 2008

My birthday and Thanksgiving in Oregon, Oct 2008

Oktoberfest in Munich, Sept 2008

Touring the Galway Ireland area, Sept 2008

Hiking at Lake O'Hara with Natalia, Sept 2008

Hiking with Danielle in K-country, Sept 2008

Labour Day weekend in Calgary, Aug 2008

Rafting, Danielle's new house, and Miami, Aug 2008

Reunions, visiting, and babies, Aug 2008

Calaway Park and Tandem bikes, July 2008

Hiking in the Bugaboos, July 2008

How I spent my summer vacation, July 2008 Lower Mainland BC

How I spent my summer vacation, July 2008 Hot Springs Cove and beyond

How I spent my summer vacation, July 2008 Surfing in Tofino

How I spent my summer vacation, July 2008 Edmonton to Tofino

How I spent my summer vacation, July 2008 Saskatoon to Candle

Climbing and Hiking with E and Jeanna, June 2008

Enjoying the mountains, June 2008

Running back to Saskatoon, June 2008

Penguins-Wings Round 4, May 2008

Climbing with Bergen, May 2008

Visiting in Saskatoon, May 2008

Visiting with Jason, Avie, and Porter, May 2008

Penguins-Flyers Round 3, May 2008

Skiing at Lake Louise and chilling in Calgary, April 2008

Miscellaneous pics, April 2008

Chilling in Boston with work, March 2008

Mark and Shaun came skiing in Canada, March 2008

Skiing with the Tek boys for the 5th time, Feb 2008

Skiing in Panorama with Chad and Erin, Feb 2008

Natalia and I got engaged!, Feb 16 2008

Backcountry Skiing in the Selkirks, Feb 2008

Lake Louise Ice Festival, Jan 2008

Skiing in Alberta, Jan 2008

New Year's in Oregon, Jan 2008

2007 pictures

The Great Gingerbread Contest, Dec 2007

Ice climbing and hockey in Calgary, Dec 2007

Touring around Bow Summit for AST1 training, Nov 2007

Visiting with Grandma Banda Nov 2007

Some pics from my phone this fall

Hallowe'en, Visiting Earl, Touring with Denis, and visiting with
the Lynn family, November 2007

Visiting with Jason and Avie, October 2007

Climbing in Canmore, October 2007

Rider game, Thanksgiving, and hiking in Banff, Sept and Oct 2007

Wedding pics from Vicki Johnston (Banda)'s wedding, Sept 2007

Pics from Johnston Canyon, my new bathroom, and a Mariners game, Sept 2007

Climbing in Squamish, BC, Sept 2007

Rocky Mountains, Red Deer, and Candle Lake August 2007

Photos, video, and roasts from the Rock Squad's Farewall, July 2007

Portland Brewfest and Moving to Calgary, July 2007

Debauchery in Maupin, July 2007

Matt and Nic's visit to Portland, July 2007

Climbing in Leavenworth, WA, July 2007

Traveling in Madrid, Spain, June 2007

Traveling in Barcelona, Spain, June 2007

Hiking with Wayne Palmer in the Spanish Pyrenees

In Ireland for work, June 2007

Hanging out with Natalia in Edmonton, June 2007

Bill's b-day and Smith Rock climbing, May 2007

Renée and Danielle's first half-marathon, May 2007

Pole Pedal Paddle in Bend, OR, May 2007

Skiing Mt St Helen's for Mother's Day, May 2007

Skiing the Tatoosh Range, May 2007

Natalia and I at Grassi Lakes, AB, April 2007

Going up the CN Tower, May 2007

My parents visiting Portland, April 2007

My new house in Calgary, April 2007

Spring break with Natalia Lynn, March 2007

A couple pictures of Bud and Sarah in TO, March 2007

Skiing Whistler, BC, March 2007

Skiing Mt Baker, WA, Feb 2007

Visting Renée and Calgary, Feb 2007

Hockey in Boston, Skiing in Oregon, Hanging out in TO, Feb 2007

Pics from Zigzag Canyon with Dicky Lum, Jan, 2007

Pics from Paul and Allison's wedding, Jan in Oregon, Jan, 2007

2006 pictures

Some pictures from Christmas in Saskatchewan, Dec, 2006

Paul Dehaan's bachelor party, Dec, 2006

Hockey games in San Jose, Edmonton, and visiting Alberta, Nov, 2006

Halloween fun in Oregon, Oct, 2006

My birthday in Oregon, Oct, 2006

Hanging out in Ottawa for the weekend, Sept, 2006

Labour Day weekend at Leavenworth, WA, Sept, 2006

Visiting the Lynns at Candle Lake, Aug, 2006

Climbing around Oregon, Aug, 2006

Brand new 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Aug, 2006

Climbing with Tim at French's Dome, OR, Aug, 2006

Touring Seattle with Tim, Seattle, WA, Aug, 2006

Hanging out with Renée and Natalia in Portland, OR, July, 2006

Rafting with the Rock Squad in Maupin, OR, July, 2006

The night before Rafting with the Rock Squad at Maupin, OR, July 2006

Eagle Creek hiking with Tim and Natalia, July, 2006

Hanging out with Natalia in Oregon, July, 2006

Climbing Mount Adams with Ron Kirby, July, 2006

Jeff and Lisa's wedding, July 8, 2006

Jason and Avie's wedding, July 1, 2006

Touring Iceland, June, 2006 - Page 2 - Page 3

Touring Dublin, Ireland, June, 2006

Vancouver enroute to Europe, June, 2006

Tasting Wine at Jeff and Lisa's, June, 2006

Chilling at the Rose Festival, June 2006

Visiting Mt Robson with Natalia in summer 2006

Skiing on the Wy'East face with Ron and Keith, May, 2006

Climbing at City of Rocks, April 2006

Earl's bachelor Party, April 2006

The Great Toaster Off, April 2006

Tokyo, Japan with Joe Yi, April 2006

Penang, Malaysia with Joe Yi, April 2006

Skiing at Tilly Jane with Ron and Keith, April 2006

Hanging with the Diskos for surgery and Cirque, April 2006

Touring Bermuda with Natalia Lynn, April 2006

Curling with the Rock Squad, March 2006

Skiing Bachelor with Jeff and Lisa, March 2006

Skiing with Jason Stowers, March 2006

Skiing and Skinning with Andrew North, March 2006

The 3rd annual Tektron!x Invitational Trip for Skiing, Feb 2006

Catching an NHL game at the RBC Centre, Raleigh, NC, Feb 2006

Natalia in Oregon, a Lumberjax game, AT skiing, and not climbing, Jan 2006

Traveling in Shanghai, Jan 2006

Traveling in Taipei, Jan 2006

Cross-country skiing in Oregon, Jan 2006

2005 pictures

New Year's 2006 at Candle Lake, SK, Dec 2005- Jan 2006

Christmas in Prince Albert, SK, Dec 2005

U2 concert and Edmonton, Dec 2005

Sweaters and books at Paul Dehaan's, Dec 2005

Skiing on Mt Hood in Dec 2005 with Tony Holmes and Andrew North

The Rock Squad and Bossanova, Dec 2005

Skiing with Brett Novak at Hood Meadows, Nov 2005.

Climbing with Jason and Jeff at City of Rocks, Idaho, Oct 2005.

Chilling with Earl and Amie in Portland, Oct 2005.

Partying in Edmonton, AB with Renée and Natalia, Sept 2005.

Hanging out in Southern California for work, Sept 2005.

Climbing at Smith Rock, Sept 2005.

Oslo and Bergen and hanging out with Jon and Des, Sept 2005.

Norway in a Nutshell, Sept 2005.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Sept 2005.

Aero, Denmark, Sept 2005.

London and Denmark, Sept 2005.

Business travel in LimEk, Ireland, Sept 2005.

Surprising my mom for her birthday and Candle Lake with the Lynns, Aug 2005

A few pictures from Natalia's camera, Aug 2005.

Hiking and touring in Crater Lake with Natalia, July 2005.

Rafting and Surfing with Natalia, July 2005.

July 2004 - June 2005

Canada Day, Lost Rocks, and surfing in Oregon, July 2005.

Natalia visiting the US for the first time, June 2005.

Late addition - Portland Starlight Run and the Hemphill Housewarming, June 2005

Renée visiting me in Portland, May 2005.

Late addition - Tony Holmes and I at Ski Bowl, May 2005.

Marc's Wedding in Ponteix, Swift Current, May 2005

My sisters Renée and Danielle and my girlfriend Natalia's graduations, April 2005

Hiking in Canyonlands National Park, UT, April 2005

Chris and Keri Gorman's wedding in Moab, UT, April 2005

The best vacation ever in Moab, UT, April 2005

Chilling in Beantown, April 2005

In Edmonton, AB for the Claude wedding, April 2005

Avie, Jason, Adam, and I skiing in Lake Tahoe, NV, April 2005

Hanging out in Portland and area, March 2005

A virtual tour of my new townhouse, March 2005

Round two of Paul versus the mountain, March 2005

Climbing on Mount Hood, Feb 2005

Skiing in Kimberley, BC in Feb 2005

Not really climbing in Vegas and Zion, January, 2005.

Saskatchewan for Christmas and New Year's, December 2004.

Deep Sea fishing in Cuba, December 2004.

Havana, Cuba from Robin and Tara's Wedding, December 2004.

Cuba actual wedding pictures from Robin and Tara's Wedding, December 2004.

Cuba pictures with Matanzas and Stag Party from Robin and Tara's Wedding, December 2004.

Ice Climbing and Skiing on Hood, December 2004.

Hanging out with Danielle and Aimee in Portland, November 2004.

In Rome with Natalie Jackson, November 2004.

Smith Rocks climbing, November 2004.

Hallowe'en in Portland, OR, October, 2004.

Florida, Oregon, and Idaho, October 2004.

Climbing and hiking in Oregon, Sept 2004.

Climbing and watching hockey in Toronto, ON. Sept 2004.

Climbingand partying in Squamish, BC, Sept 2004.

Hanging out and climbing in Oregon, August 2004. "The Bet" is here.

Rafting with the Stoneworks crew. These are Ross' pics, August 2004

Touring with my Grandma and my mom in Portland, August 2004

Visiting Natalie and Jason Leuschen in Vancouver, BC, July 2004

Hiking and Climbing with Jason and Avie in Southern Oregon, July 2004

Hiking with Natalie Jackson on Mount Rainier, July 2004

Canada Day at the Maple Leaf and good times with Jon and Des in London, July 2004

Jan 2004 - June 2004

Return to Stockholm for a more serious visit, June 2004

Hiking in Northern Sweden above the Arctic Circle, June 2004

First time in Stockholm and first time in London, June 2004

Good times in Ireland, June 2004

Fun and activities around Portland in the Springtime June 2004

Pics from the Breen/Bruske wedding, Saskatoon, SK, 5 June 2004

Visiting Prince Albert, SK, June 2004

Hanging out in Singapore, May 2004

Climbing in Leavenworth, WA, April 2004

Chilling and hanging out in Oregon, April 2004

Climbing in Red Rocks, NV, April 2004

Watching Canucks hockey in Vancouver, March 2004

Pictures of the Great Singing Clown Telegram, March 2004

Climbing at Smith Rock March 2004

Lake Tahoe skiing with T3ktron!x guys Feb 2004.

Seal porn and other fun February 2004.

Portland and San Francisco in February 2004.

Boston in January 2004

2003 and older

Trip home to Saskatchewan, Christmas 2003

Trip to CES in Vegas January 2004!

Heritage Hockey Classic 2003 in Edmonton, AB.

Vancouver, BC in December 2003

Smith Rocks in December 2003

Pics from good climbing at Smith, fall 2003.

Pictures of my brother's trip to Oregon and my trip to the Gunks, Sept 2003.

Da Boys came to visit! See pics of Erik, Benny, and Earl, August 2003. 2 3

Outdoor activities pictures around Oregon August 2003

Smith Rocks in August 2003!

Click for some pictures as I tour Ireland! 2 3 4

Pictures from my parents' visit to Oregon and the McNabb wedding July 2003

Pictures from Oregon in July 2003 - Water falls, climbing, and Sisters!

Click here for pictures of Oregon May 2003

My great grandma Marion is 100! Click for pics of celebrations

Click here for great pictures of Mount Saint Helen's on Mother's Day 2003!

Click here for pictures of Boston and Portland in March and April of 2003.

Click here for fun pictures of Montreal in March of 2003

Click here for some pics of my European trek finally!

Click here to see Robin and Tara's trip to Boston to visit me!

Click here for some recent adventures, updated November 26, 2002

Click here for some tennis pictures from New York 2002

Click here for some pictures of my family

Older archived pics. Sorry dial-up users (Matt Harms). I haven't thumbnailed these yet.

Click here for some pictures of some of my friends

Click here for some pictures of my adventures

Click here for some miscellaneous pictures from the last few years or so

Click here for pictures from PP's fourth annual summer hiking trip. (2001)

I got my grad pictures finally!. Click here.

Fun pictures from a recent trip to New Jersey. Click here.

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