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Updated 11 April 2022
I've decided to keep track of some of my friends who enjoy my style of travel HERE

Natalia and I at Lake O'Hara in Sept 2009.

Wieners and Beer in Munich for Oktoberfest with Jeanna Berg. This picture doesn't
show as well, but these bratwursts are 2 feet long.

The best vacation I've taken skiing yet

THE BRAIN!!! "You were like DUDE!"

A great picture of my beautiful girlfriend, Miss Natalia Lynn

This is really what accountants wear in Bermuda!

The sweetest surfing picture of me ever! Thanks to Angie Kasper for this one.

Jeff "Hempy" Hemphill enjoying a banana in the morning at City of Rocks, ID, Oct 23, 2005.

I met up with some of the U of S EEs living and working in the Bay. Chris Mullens, myself, Carl Norum
and Stan Rabu. With the exception of me, the boys are all at Apple, after having spent time at
the Apple farm team in Saskatoon - V Com.

Matt Harms' new logo for Foosball players.

My buddy Erik about to eat a big steak! Picture by Earl Kowalczyk.

Great sign as noticed by Mr. Matthew Harms.

Great restaurant sign in Portland, OR, November 2003.

Click here for some fun pictures
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